In the peaceful ‘All New Hope’ preview images, BTS’ J-Hope sheds his ‘bright image’ Photo-Folio

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The first sneak peek images for J-photo Hope’s collection, dubbed the “All New Hope,” were released by BIGHIT MUSIC on February 3. J-Hope appeared in two different outfits for the images, both of which had similar themes—clean, tranquil, and J-Hope clad in white and lavender hair color—but differed in terms of length and overall vibe.

J-preview Hope’s images: The first set features J-wispy, Hope’s long lavender hair and a tranquil look among a field of white daisies. The other set depicts him surrounded by various stones and with an expressionless visage.

J-Hope published the concept video for “Special 8 Photo-Folio” on February 2nd. Black and white’s contrast revealed the joys of contrast. J-Hope took part in this photo essay that was based on the chapters “risky” and “new hope.” One shot in particular caught people’s attention since it showed J-Hope trying to change his appearance by sporting long hair. The photograph, named “All New Hope,” conveys both J-new Hope’s appearance and the atmosphere that is transformed when he encounters the strong hope. A photographic initiative called “Special 8 Photo-Folio” lets you glimpse another side of the BTS members. Every aspect of the project, from planning to idea and costumes, was fully handled by members.

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By describing J-Hope, the lead dancer and rapper of the well-known group BTS, as he sets out to create his first official album as a solo artist, “J-Hope in the box” raises anticipation. The “Listening Party” he had with other musicians the day before his solo album was released, the “Studio” where he worked diligently on creation, the “Practice Room” where he sweat diligently to create the perfect stage, and the “Lola” super-sized music festival where he decorated the stage as the headliner on the main stage. The real and colourful tales of J-Hope will be revealed in this documentary. On February 17 at 5:00 PM KST, “J-Hope IN THE BOX” will be made available to everyone simultaneously on Disney+ and Weverse.

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