‘Hotel Kalifornia’ is a new album from Hollywood Undead

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The long-awaited Hotel Kalifornia, the platinum-certified quintet Hollywood Undead’s eighth studio album, is now available.

In an action-packed, 14-track album showcasing the best facets of what Hollywood Undead have come to be known for, Hotel Kalifornia, featuring recent singles “Trap God,” “City of the Dead,” and “Wild in these Streets,” represents a return to form. The latest example is “Hourglass,” which is supported by a lyric video that is out today. Layering anthemic melodies, funny lyrics, and a distinctive structure, the song, which is filled with the energy of the LA streets and isn’t constrained by any one genre, results in a classic Hollywood Undead song. Excellent fan support during the “Hotel Kalifornia” era led to the band receiving priority places on genre playlists including Spotify’s Rock Hard, Hard Rock & Rock Rotation and Apple Music’s Breaking Hard Rock & New in Rock, as well as a Top 40 position at US Rock & Active Rock Radio.

It is ferocious and brimming with shiver-inducing emotion

A group of friends who came together around a shared goal just after the turn of the century grew up in the gutters and back alleys of Hollywood, California. They overcame comparable adversities of poverty and suffering and, on their own terms, rose to the top of 21st-century rock music under the influence of everything from grimy nineties hip-hop to industrial metal.

Hollywood Undead still depends on the friendship of five people who transform such unfiltered experiences into resonant melodies. But on their seventh full-length album, Hotel Kalifornia, the platinum-certified quintet—Johnny 3 Tears, J-Dog, Funny Man, Charlie Scene, and Danny—tells their narrative in a way that has never been done before.

The likelihood of failure was far higher than the likelihood of success. We were mingling with drug traffickers and members of gangs. The likelihood of success was quite low. Because of the sadness and pain that resulted from all of our experiences, we were able to create something wonderful together.

The guys worked with producers Erik Ron, Andrew Migliore, and Drew Fulk to record in Nashville and Los Angeles during the year 2021. Face-to-face, Hollywood Undead revived the unrestrained fury of their foundational material with the type of finesse that can only come from years of slogging it out on the road.

A strong and revealing song to introduce “Hotel Kalifornia”

It’s a major statement from a band that is still growing and takes a strong and forceful look at their home state of California as well as their own relationships with one another and their roots.

And to mark the occasion, the band created a little lyric video for the song “Hourglass,” which is the ideal representation of everything the group has always excelled at as well as of the things they have discovered and adjusted to along the road.

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