Fans of Vinland Saga are shocked by the unexpected return of [Spoiler]

Vinland Saga

In the most recent episode of the program, which many are describing as one of its most significant, a beloved Vinland Saga character made an unexpected comeback.

Vinland Saga, a brutal anime that involves killing and bloodshed, showcased in its latest episode that death may not be the ultimate conclusion. This was evident when Askeladd, a well-liked character who had passed away earlier in the series, appeared.

The latest episode of Vinland Saga season 2, “Oath,” aired on March 6 and centered around Thorfinn, who had a near-death experience after being rendered unconscious in the previous episode. In this surreal state, he was subjected to haunting flashbacks of his past and confronted with the people he had killed as a warrior. However, the most significant aspect of the episode was the reappearance of Askeladd, the villain from season 1 who served as Thorfinn’s motivation for seeking vengeance after murdering his father.

How Askeladd Made a Comeback

The character who made a comeback had a conversation with Thorfinn, which compelled him to contemplate his history as a warrior who was prone to violence. He disclosed that Thorfinn’s current predicament was a result of a life spent solely on killing, but then aided him in fleeing the disturbing mental ordeal and encouraged him to adopt a new approach of becoming a “genuine warrior” who disrupts the pattern of aggression.

The latest episode of the anime drew inspiration from one of the manga’s most highly regarded chapters and has already been lauded as one of the show’s finest. Viewers have rated it with an impressive 9.2 on IMDB, and feedback on the Crunchyroll website has been overwhelmingly positive. Additionally, the episode featured the return of Bjorn, another deceased character who had a significant impact in season 1.

About Askeladd

In Vinland Saga’s first season, Askeladd’s character was ambiguous, existing in a gray area between being a villain and a hero, since his cunning plots and teachings for Thorfinn were offset by his deceitful actions. He garnered a fan following due to his determination, strategic thinking, and poignant history, even though he was the reason behind the protagonist’s desire for vengeance. His death at the season’s conclusion was atypical of the typical revenge storyline and left the protagonist feeling completely defeated for not accomplishing his objective.

Vinland Saga, which originated from Makoto Yukimura’s manga of the same title, is an epic historical story that chronicles the journey of a young Viking warrior named Thorfinn, who seeks vengeance against the shrewd Askeladd for murdering his father. The second season is based on the Slave Arc from the manga, where Thorfinn becomes a slave and works on a farm. During this time, he forms a connection with another slave named Einar and they toil hard to accumulate enough money to purchase their freedom, all while Thorfinn confronts his past sins and tries to find a new purpose.

The production of Vinland Saga is currently being handled by Studio Mappa for its second season, following the takeover of Wit Studio. The upcoming episode is scheduled to air on March 13, 2023.

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