Fans of Stranger Things are eagerly requesting a new love interest for Nancy in Season 5

In Stranger Things season 5, Netflix viewers want to see Nancy dating someone new. The love life of Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer), one of the numerous interrelated narrative threads in the popular sci-fi series, is one of the most talked-about among fans of Stranger Things. Although she had Steve (Joe Keery) as her love interest when the program first began, she eventually started seeing Jonathan (Charlie Heaton). Nancy and Steve appear to be rekindling their romance in the program’s fourth season, which keeps the love triangle going into the fifth.

Because Nancy/Steve and Nancy/Jonathan are two of the most well-liked relationships in Stranger Things, the show’s different social media accounts frequently mention them. This causes amusing exchanges with viewers as they argue over their favorite duo. On the other hand, a recent tweet from the Stranger Things writers’ Twitter account featuring Nancy and Jonathan drew surprising responses. Although many people mocked Nancy and Jonathan in the comments and supported Nancy’s relationship with Steve, some opted to draw attention to another couple instead: Nancy and Robin (Maya Hawke). Below, you can view the original tweet and some of the responses.

Is it possible that Robin and Nancy might end up together?

After the older adolescents teamed up in Stranger Things season 4 to look into Victor Creel, Robin and Nancy as a couple became surprising popularity. The connection between the two very different young women received great feedback from viewers, especially since Nancy hasn’t had a close female friend in the show since Barb’s (Shannon Purser) untimely death and Steve is Robin’s closest confidant. Although the strong female friendship was a positive development for the science fiction show, some Stranger Things viewers saw a brewing romance between the two characters. This may be explained by the allure of opposites attracted and Robin’s admitted desire for women.

Given that Steve/Nancy/Jonathan has been the primary love triangle for the older teen group over the series’ numerous seasons, it seems doubtful that their relationship will become canon in Stranger Things season 5. Nancy and Robin have just lately interacted on television, despite having chemistry, giving them far less of a basis than the other relationships. There will be a time leap in season 5, though, which may cause Nancy and Robin to become close and connect through their experiences in Stranger Things season 4 and afterward.

The tweets from the Stranger Things writer’s account also seem to leave room for the possibility of a new love story for Nancy, as their initial holiday post about Steve and Nancy wished them “Happy holidays,” and their post about Jonathan and Nancy wished them “Happier holidays?” with no additional tweets highlighting the character’s potential “happiest holiday.” Naturally, that doesn’t rule out Nancy and Robin getting together; if that were to happen in season 5, it would be a surprising development. Although Nancy’s romantic connections continue to have a special place in the hearts of fans, the optimal outcome for Stranger Things season 5 would be to prioritize Nancy’s development as an autonomous character over her romantic relationships.

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