Ezra Miller, the star of Flash, has been accused of stealing music from contributors.

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Ezra Miller’s legal issues do not appear to be going away anytime soon. After being jailed twice in Hawaii, the actor is now accused of music theft by two of his former partners. The two, who have previously worked with Ezra, have stated that they want to sue the actor. In the DC Extended Universe, Ezra Miller is most recognized for his role as Wally West, aka The Flash.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, music producer Oliver Ignatius and rapper Ghais Guevara alleged that Ezra published a song they cooperated on without their consent or credit. The two claimed to have worked together on a project, but it never materialized. Ezra, on the other hand, independently uploaded the incomplete recordings online.

“What Ezra did was do an… highly immoral and harmful act,” Oliver stated, according to Ignatius. “They took from artists with fewer resources than them, but who could have art that Ezra desires… The person I thought I knew was a far softer soul than the one we’re now witnessing. It’s been a tumultuous ride.”

Ezra Miller, the star of Flash, has been accused of stealing music from contributors. 2

“We all had high aspirations that it was going to be a project that was going to be beautiful, that was going to be significant for us,” Oliver said of how the project broke apart partially owing to Ezra’s behavioural difficulties and legal troubles. However, things did not turn out that way. They appeared to be going into dangerous seas. With their Hollywood career, they were having a scorched earth situation. They looked to be on a very hazardous downward spiral, breaking many of their ties.”

Ezra will star in his own DCEU film, The Flash, which will be released on June 23, 2023. Michael Keaton, Ben Affleck, Kiersey Clemons, and Sasha Calle also feature in the Andrés Muschietti film.

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