Everything We Know So Far about Joey King’s Netflix Movie Uglies

In order to maintain its supremacy in the YA novel adaption field, Netflix is translating Uglies into a feature picture, which has been in post-production for several months. We’re keeping track of everything you need to know about Uglies on Netflix, headlined by The Kissing Booth’s Joey King, a long-time admirer of Scott Westerfield’s book.
McG (Joseph McGinty Nichol), whose credits include Charlie’s Angels, Terminator Salvation, The Babysitter, Rim of the World, and many others, will helm Netflix’s Uglies. Krista Vernoff (Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless, Charmed) and Vanessa Taylor (Grey’s Anatomy, Shameless, Charmed) wrote the script for Uglies (The Shape of Water, Game of Thrones, Divergent)

According to Deadline’s sources, lead actress Joey King has been a longtime admirer of the series and brought it to Netflix – called them, got them to read the script and the book, and then King got Netflix to option it.
Joey King’s production business, All The King’s Horses, recently signed a first-look contract with Netflix for new projects in summer 2021. Everything else we know about Netflix’s Uglies is as follows:

What is the story of Uglies about?

As previously noted, Scott Westerfield’s 2005 international best-selling novel of the same name will be the basis for Netflix’s Uglies. Later, more sequels were produced.
The novel takes place in a society where physical disparities are eliminated by a required operation at age 16 and everyone is rendered attractive by meeting a predetermined standard of beauty. The Amazon storyline summary is as follows:

Tally is eagerly anticipating turning sixteen. She will get the surgery in a few weeks that will transform her from a repulsive ugly into a wonderfully beautiful gorgeous. And because she’s attractive, she’ll be thrust into a futuristic paradise where her only responsibility is to have fun.
Shay, Tally’s new acquaintance, is unsure if she wants to pursue a career in beauty. Tally discovers a brand-new aspect of the picturesque world when Shay flees, and it’s not very picturesque. Tally is given the option by the authorities to either find her buddy and turn her in, or to never turn pretty at all. Tally’s decision will alter her reality forever.

Who is in the cast of Uglies?

Joey King’s prominent role in the Kissing Booth trilogy has made her a very well-known face on Netflix. King will portray Tally Youngblood in Uglies, a part she had wanted to play ever since reading the books more than ten years ago.
Three additional cast members for Uglies have been confirmed for October 18, 2021. Unconfirmed parts have been cast for Brianne Tju from I Know What You Did Last Summer on Amazon, Outer Banks’ Chase Stokes, and The Tomorrow War’s Keith Powers.

When will Uglies be available on Netflix?

The manufacture of Uglies will start in October 2021 and last until January 2022, according to issue 1265 of Production Weekly published in 2021. Actually, the shooting was finished earlier than anticipated. Joey King said that filming was complete in an Instagram post on December 19.
Uglies has been in post-production for a while now, but Netflix hasn’t yet announced a release date. Despite this, we don’t anticipate a 2022 release. Instead, we anticipate a release in the first quarter of 2023.

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