Enola Holmes 2 Kiss Story of Millie Bobby Brown Draws Criticism

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Serious criticism has been directed towards Millie Bobby Brown over her claim that she kissed Louis Partridge, who played her co-star in Enola Holmes 2. In 2020, Brown played the lead in the debut Enola Holmes movie. Brown is well recognized for her starring role as Eleven in Stranger Things. Enola Holmes became a huge hit and peaked as one of the all-time most popular Netflix original film releases. Due to the movie’s success, a sequel, Enola Holmes 2, was produced and premiered on Netflix in November. Similar to the original movie, the sequel topped Netflix’s audience rankings during its first week, with 64.08 million hours viewed in 93 different countries. In both movies, Brown played Enola Holmes, with Henry Cavill playing her elder brother Sherlock and Partridge as Lord Tewkesbury, Enola’s love interest.

Brown relates a tale about working with Partridge in a Netflix interview that was shared on their TikTok account and has since caused debate. Brown remembers a scene in which Enola gives Tewkesbury a passionate kiss. Partridge was caught off guard by an unexpected incident, and Brown finds Partridge’s expression of shock to be “very sweet.” Jessica Steinrock, a professional intimacy consultant, blasted Brown’s unexpected kiss in a TikTok video in response, noting that even if Brown and Partridge probably get along well, Brown still kissed him without his permission.

Why The Interview With Millie Bobby Brown Is So Controversial

Enola Holmes 2 Kiss Story of Millie Bobby Brown Draws Criticism 2

Brown also remembers Enola trying to teach Tewkesbury self-defense by repeatedly striking him in the same video. Brown claims that even though these jabs were staged and intended to be deceptive, she didn’t feel the need to hold back because she and Partridge are close friends. Brown claims “I wasn’t pulling any tricks; I was actually hurting him when he said, “Millie, can you just pretend hit me?” I was about to punch him in the gut.” Brown describes this incident as “really adorable” once more, and he seemed to enjoy remembering both the unexpected kiss and the actual punches.

Steinrock responds by pointing out certain glaring issues with Brown’s stories, such as the disparity in authority between Brown and Partridge. Enola Holmes 2 stars Brown, who also serves as producer. Steinrock adds that little things, like unexpected kisses, may build up over time. Since then, TikTok users have expressed differing opinions about the interview. Some believe that Steinrock is exaggerating and that Partridge shouldn’t have been as shocked by Brown’s behavior if a kiss was in the script. Others concur that such a surprise kiss would not be as readily accepted if it occurred in any other job.

Not only has Brown’s unexpected revelation about a kiss stirred some controversy but so has her admission that she truly wounded her co-star Partridge and her tendency to view both events as sweet and humorous. Responses to the original Netflix post were equally divided, with some opining that Brown’s punching was nothing more than what friends do and others arguing that an intimacy coordinator should have intervened. Whether or not fans support Brown’s conduct, her behaviour on the Enola Holmes 2 set has undoubtedly become contentious.

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