Enjoying Her Newfound Freedom, Britney Taking Charge of Her Own Future.

Britney Spears performs during Now! 99.7 Triple Ho Show 7.0 at SAP Center on December 3, 2016 in San Jose, California. (Photo by Tim Mosenfelder/Getty Images)

When it comes to making her own choices, Britney Spears is “thrilled.” She was released from her 13-year conservatorship on November 12th. Because of her newfound independence, Britney Spears has taken advantage of the opportunity to pamper herself.

A source tells us that Dr. Gabriel Chiu, a Beverly Hills cosmetic surgeon, saw the “Toxic” singer on Saturday. InMode’s Forma and EmSculpt, two minimally invasive procedures, were used on Spears.

“She looked extremely excited to be able to make choices for herself like this one, and work with Dr. Chiu to feel like her best self,” the source said.

The 40-year-old had earlier this week posted a video of herself with the surgeon on Instagram. As of earlier this month, Judge Brenda Penny said that Spears is free to manage her own funds and conduct business on her own.

Britney Jean Spears has the power to sign papers on her own behalf, and any earlier court order limiting her capacity to sign estate plan paperwork has been removed, the judge said.

Spears reveals how thankful she is for the tiniest of blessings in her life. Her bank cards and driving privileges were returned to her within a few days of her conservatorship being ended. Indeed, a new lease on life.

Thirteen years ago, I was placed under conservatorship. Pop star Britney Spears remarked in an Instagram video that it’s a long time to be in a position that you don’t want to be in. “Honestly, I’m simply thankful for each and every day.” Being able to drive my own automobile and feeling like a lady while doing so. Being able to purchase candles for the first time after getting an ATM card was an exciting experience. For women, the little things may make a big impact. That means a lot to me. It’s pleasant. It’s beautiful.”

“I hope my narrative will have an influence on the crooked system,” she ended.

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