Emma Mackey portrays renowned author Emily Bronte in a new trailer for Emily

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In an emotional new trailer for Emily, Sex Education star Emma Mackey portrays famous author Emily Bronte. Sex Education on Netflix is where Mackey first gained popularity. The fourth season of the show, which aired in 2019, will begin production this fall. Critics have praised her portrayal as Maeve in the popular Netflix series, and during season 1, Mackey swiftly won over the audience. Since Sex Education, Mackey has been in Death on the Nile and Greta Gerwig’s Barbie, and she has been confirmed as a cast member.

In the most recent trailer released by Warner Bros. UK, Mackey can be seen playing Emily Bront in Frances O’Connor’s directorial debut, Emily. As Bronte creates the literary masterpiece Wuthering Heights, the movie follows her. According to reports, Mackey’s version of the troubled Bront sister would play a’rebel’ and’misfit’ balancing relationships with sisters Charlotte and Anne, unstable brother Branwell, and new forbidden love William Weightman while trying to find her place in a traditional world. The trailer has a gothic tone, borrowing from Bronte’s work.

The biographical movie is the most recent example of a Renaissance period piece that focuses on female heroines who struggle to adapt into conservative communities. O’Connor’s Emily delivers a more sombre and gothic interpretation of a particular period in the tragically brief life of Emily Bronte. The release of Emily is scheduled for October 14, so viewers will soon get to witness Mackey in her new role as the tortured artist.

The U.K. premiere of Emily is scheduled for October 14. There hasn’t been a confirmed U.S. date yet. The cast is led by debutantes Alexandra Dowling and Amelia Gething as Charlotte and Anne, respectively. Emma Mackey plays the title character. Oliver Jackson-Cohen turns in a standout performance as William Weightman, Emily’s hot-tempered love interest, while Dunkirk’s Fionn Whitehead plays Branwell, Emily’s brother, who was falsely attributed with authoring Wuthering Heights at the time of its publication.

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