Dwayne Johnson has shared another look at his Black Adam character ahead of the trailer debut


Dwayne Johnson has been preparing for his role as the titular character in the upcoming ‘Black Adam’ film, which will be released later in 2022. The film was originally scheduled to debut in the middle of 2022, however due to scheduling issues with other DC films, it was moved back to October 2022. With that in mind, Johnson has just revealed a series of stunning posters for the film, which not only feature him but also other characters from the film. He revealed that the world premiere trailer for ‘Black Adam’ will be released on June 8th, just five days from now.

Johnson shared a new image of his Black Adam form, which shows the costumed superhero looking strong and angry in what appears to be a piece of a larger image. Along with the image, the actor confirmed the debut of the new trailer, which is slated for June 8. Johnson has recently released a slew of Black Adam behind-the-scenes photos from reshoots, advertising both the trailer and the film itself, which will represent a significant departure for the actor. Take

Johnson’s first attempt into the superhero genre, Black Adam, has been a long time in the making for the actor. The character is usually portrayed as a villain, with his origins as a corrupted Egyptian forerunner to Captain Marvel aka Shazam!, with similar powers derived from ancient Egyptian gods. Throughout the years, the character has been reinvented to be more of an anti-hero than a villain, collaborating with other DC superheroes, particularly the JSA, while maintaining a stand-alone character.

The anticipation for Black Adam has grown, and Johnson definitely gets how to keep people interested. While some material from Black Adam has been teased, the film’s full trailer has yet to be released, and if it’s well-received, it may tip the scales in a significant way. Most DC and Johnson fans wouldn’t miss Black Adam, but there’s still a sizable portion of the audience who doesn’t know who the character is, so releasing a trailer as audiences return to theatres this summer is a smart move to keep the hype train rolling into the fall, when the film finally arrives.

This is arguably Dwayne Johnson’s most passionate undertaking to date, and he has been meticulously preparing for the role. Padded material is used to bulk out many of the costumes worn by actors who play super heroes. Johnson, on the other hand, refused to do so and instead decided to intensify his training in order to appear as muscular as possible in a natural manner.

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