Don’t Worry Darling: Kim Kardashian revealed she’s “now obsessed” with Florence Pugh after watching the film

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Don’t Worry Darling, a psychological thriller starring Harry Styles and Florence Pugh, will hit theatres in a few days, creating a tonne of anticipation among viewers. Kim Kardashian recently praised the Olivia Wilde-directed film, describing it as “very wonderful.” The creator of SKIMS gushed about Harry in the review she shared on her Instagram story, but she also admitted that Florence Pugh is her “obsession” and that she is a beyond wonderful actor.

Kim Kardashian expressed her admiration for Don’t Worry Darling in an Instagram Story that included a picture of the movie playing on the large screen from what appears to be a private theatre filled with comfortable brown cushions. She said in her review, “I watched “Don’t Worry Darling” this weekend. I REALLY liked it! It’s really good!” She further added and said, “Harry was so good in it.” She continued, “…and I am now obsessed with @florencepugh, she’s beyond an amazing actress and she’s so pretty too.”

Don't Worry Darling: Kim Kardashian revealed she's "now obsessed" with Florence Pugh after watching the film 2

When a housewife from their neighbourhood goes missing, Alice, played by Florence Pugh, discovers a sinister secret about her husband Jack, played by Harry Styles. The psychological thriller is set in the 1950s and follows Alice’s journey. The movie, which actress Olivia Wilde directed, has drawn a lot of attention due to persistent rumours that Harry Styles and Wilde are dating after meeting on the set of the film. In January 2021, they were the first couple to be seen holding hands in public.

Styles and supermodel Kendall Jenner have been linked in the past after they were seen skiing together in Mammoth Lakes, California, in 2014. They were seen together once more while spending the New Year’s holiday on a yacht in St. Barts. The pair, though, has insisted that they have stayed close friends throughout the years and still are. Devin Booker, a player for the Phoenix Suns and an NBA All-Star, and Kendall Jenner are presently dating. On a road trip to Sedona, Arizona, they were first seen travelling together.

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