Doctor Who Scriptwriter Hints at the Comeback of a Classic Series Villain

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For the show’s forthcoming 60th anniversary, former Doctor Who writer Mark Gatiss has teased the appearance of one of the series’ oldest enemies. Gatiss was one of the revival’s longest-tenured writers, penning nine episodes between 2005 and 2017. Having relaunched the program in 2005, Russel T. Davies’ return as showrunner has made him the show’s longest-tenured writer. David Tennant, who has unexpectedly assumed the role of the Fourteenth Doctor, is also making a comeback. He will play the character for three special episodes before giving the TARDIS keys to Ncuti Gatwa, who has been revealed to be the Fifteenth Doctor.

Gatiss said in an interview with the Radio Times that as he no longer contributes to Doctor Who, he is no longer aware of planned storylines or the show’s overall direction. He keeps in touch with Davies, who informed him before the episode’s airing about Jodie Whittaker’s transformation into Tennant. Given this, it seems possible that Davies would share a few minor pieces of information with Gatiss, who has indirectly alluded to the return of a well-known villain, the Celestial Toymaker. You may read his entire remark below:

But no, I know nothing. I really know nothing. I haven’t a clue. And that’s a lovely feeling, to just be watching as a viewer. I’ve no idea what the structure is, or what’s happened. Who is David? He is the Fourteenth Doctor, isn’t he? So what’s happened? Who has done that? The only clue is, he says, ‘I don’t know who I am anymore.’ I suspect some kind of celestial intervention!

What Do We Know About The Celestial Toymaker?

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The Celestial Toymaker is a famous Doctor Who villain who originally appeared in the William Hartnell serial of the same name, which comprised four episodes in the third season of the program in 1966 and is often believed to be the role being played by Neil Patrick Harris. He has only ever been on television once, but 57 years later, he could be doing it again. The Doctor has changed back into a prior appearance, which makes sense given that the Celestial Toymaker, an eternal villain, may have planned the regeneration. Since the Toymaker is an immortal who craves entertainment in the form of games, he may be playing games with the Doctor by interfering with their regeneration.

The Celestial Toymaker is revealed in a novelization of the story to be a being of god-like power who originates from a completely different universe and doesn’t follow the physical laws of the Whoniverse, as it is known, and doesn’t appear in the three of the four episodes of the original serial that the BBC sadly lost. He creates video games that might trap players inside his universe. One of the most frightening antagonists in Doctor Whom history, The Celestial Toymaker’s nearly limitless abilities make him.

Is David Tennant truly the Doctor?

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Fans have begun to question if Tennant’s fourteenth version of the Doctor is actually the Doctor at all in light of the discovery that the Celestial Toymaker may play a significant role in the Doctor Who 60th anniversary trilogy scheduled to premiere late next year. Tennant’s reappearance might very well be another of the Toymaker’s games given his enormous power. Given that they had previously been able to make the Doctor mute and invisible at command, it would appear that controlling their regeneration would be an easy task. Indeed, Davies has speculated that Tennant’s Doctor may be “an elaborate illusion produced by an old adversary.”

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