Chris Rock’s Live Stand-Up Special Release Date Revealed

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With his forthcoming live stand-up performance, Chris Rock: Selective Outrage, Chris Rock is preparing to break Netflix records. The special will make the venerable comic history as the first performer to ever webcast live around the world. Rock, a legend in comedy and beyond, will perform live for the international streaming event in Baltimore, Maryland.

In a trailer for the next special, the Everybody Hates Chris narrator is shown in his dressing room as he leans forward and looks “I mean business” at the camera. When someone knocks on the door and Chris answers, “They’re ready for you,” he walks out into the auditorium and stands up right away in front of the microphone. The word “LIVE” is lit up behind Rock as he appears to be crouching and gazing down at the audience on the poster for the special, which Netflix also debuted in conjunction with the release.

It is evident from the teaser and poster that the goal is to bring the virtual audience as near to the celebrity as is physically possible. Rock informed his 6.1 million Instagram followers of the joyful news and urged them to “get ready” for the special. It appears that we will have to wait a little longer to learn what topics he plans to discuss at the showcase, including whether or not he would touch on Will Smith’s slap of him at the Oscars, for which Smith has already issued an apology. Although the show is the first worldwide live event on the platform, Rock has not yet used it.

Chris Rock’s next live comedy show comes after Netflix disclosed that they are experimenting with live technologies and gauging consumer interest in live events. Although the streamer has successfully organised live in-person events, Netflix is a leader in comedy, and the streamer has no prior experience with live-streaming on the network. A Joke, Netflix: In Netflix history, The Festival was the largest live, in-person event. More than 330 comedians performed 295 gigs throughout Los Angeles during the event, which took place in the spring of 2022. The event generated about $5.95 million from the sale of over 260,000 tickets.

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