Chris Hemsworth Shows Taika Waititi & His ‘Many Talents’

chris hemsworth

On the occasion of Thor: Love and Thunder director, Taika Waititi’s birthday, actor Chris Hemsworth had a hidden crazy video for the maker that he actually posted on social media and left his fans in parts. Countless the whiz artists, including the birthday man, Taika Waititi reacted to the video with fun and quirky comments.

Chris Hemsworth actually took to his Instagram handle and posted a video catch of himself in which he depicted glances at behind the scenes from his film, Thor: Love and Thunder. In the video, he can be seen sitting on a seat with a stylist doing his hair. The video further gave a sneak gander at Taika Waititi’s silliness as he was seen singing a tune so anybody can hear and pushing Chris’ hairstylist by destroying his hair. Surely, even Chris Hemsworth tolled in with him and was left in parts when he saw the director acting crazy with the stylist.

To wish Taika Waititi on his birthday, he even recorded a sweet note for the director communicating, “Merry birthday @taikawaititi Not simply a breathtaking director yet moreover extremely obliging with vocal warmups and hair and makeup assistance, really a man of various talents #thorloveandthunder @marvelstudios @luca_vannella”.

Different fans and enormous name artists took to Chris Hemsworth’s Instagram and hung in cute reactions to the video. Some of them moreover applauded Taika Waititi on what he was wearing and imparted their hankering to have such a sweatshirt for them too. Artists Celeste Barber communicated ‘Well, this takes after a totally crap time’ while John Wayne parr reacted to the video and created ‘ha he seems like the best chief ever’. For sure, even Taika Waititi yelled ‘Jesus’ in the comments section after he watched his crazy video cut.

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