Cedar Point Unveils Thrilling ‘Top Thrill 2’ Roller Coaster with Triple Launches and Record-Breaking Speeds

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Image Credit: Cedar Point

Cedar Point, the famous amusement park in Sandusky, Ohio, has revealed the details of its highly anticipated roller coaster, “Top Thrill 2,” set to debut in 2024. However, the big reveal was somewhat anticlimactic as it had been accidentally leaked over the weekend.

“Top Thrill 2” will be a reengineered version of the original “Top Thrill Dragster,” which was the first strata coaster, standing over 400 feet tall. The new ride will feature three launches, making it a new roller coaster record-holder. The triple launch will provide riders with a longer experience, lasting nearly two minutes.

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Fans had already deduced some of the details before the official announcement. Cedar Point partnered with Zamperla Rides to design the ride and use its Lightning trains to enhance speed and comfort. Some fans criticized the new ride, comparing it to a combination of the original “Top Thrill Dragster” and another retired ride, the “Wicked Twister.”

Cedar Point, known for its record-breaking thrill rides, described “Top Thrill 2” as the tallest and fastest triple-launch strata roller coaster in the world. Carrie Boldman, the park’s vice president and general manager, called it the boldest and most advanced roller coaster ever introduced at Cedar Point.

The ride will feature three launches, reaching speeds of 74 mph, 101 mph, and 120 mph. Riders will experience a thrilling 270-degree spiral and an almost straight-down drop as they race toward the finish line.

Despite the leaked details and some criticism, Cedar Point remains excited about the new coaster, emphasizing its uniqueness and the incredible experience it will offer to thrill-seeking guests.

The amusement park has also started selling a limited-time, $99 Gold Pass for next year, allowing pass holders to enjoy repeat laps on “Top Thrill 2.” Additionally, they have released merchandise related to the new coaster, generating further excitement among roller coaster enthusiasts.

As Cedar Point prepares for the debut of “Top Thrill 2” in 2024, fans are eagerly anticipating the chance to experience this one-of-a-kind ride and its heart-pounding triple launches, record-breaking speeds, and exhilarating drops.

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