BTS’ Jimin Revealed His True Feeling About Instagram: He’s Afraid Of Using It, As He Might Press Something Wrong

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BTS’s member Jimin said he is afraid of using Instagram and that is why he posts rarely when compared with his fellow band members J Hope, Suga, Jungkook, Jin and RM. The social media users caught the boys off-guard as within a day of launching their Instagram accounts, all of them earned millions of followers. The South Korean hit band recently managed to secure the permission to perform dance on-stage at a concert in Seoul, earlier they were not allowed to due to covid 19 restrictions imposed by the government. After two and a half years, fans were very excited to see them perform live. The boys performed their hit songs such as DNA. Fake Love, Dynamite, Life Goes On and Permission To Dance.

According to Koreaboo, while talking about the band in a group chat on VLive, Jimin said that he is scared of Instagram. The singer has thirty two million followers on the photo-sharing platform and gave the reason for his fear, “With Instagram, I can’t go on it. Because I’m scared, I might press something wrong.” Soon after Jimin revealed his feelings regarding Instagram, his bandmates RM and J-Hope couldn’t hold themselves back and asked him, “Jimin, please post. Do a story”. RM told him during the live while J Hope gave Jimin suggestions. Recently V, one of the members of BTS, was in the news as he accidentally followed Blackpink’s member Jennie. This occurred merely a day after V made his debut on the social media platform. This triggered several rumors and speculations although Kim Taehyung later clarified that it was a mistake.

According to a report published on Soompi, a website specializing in K-pop culture, Jimin is on top in the list of thirty individual boy band members who possess the best brand reputation rankings. Korean Business Research Institute examines seven hundred three celebrities’ popularity and fan following based on trends related to their names among netizens on social media, media and awareness.

Recently, a hit Youtuber named Anshuman Sharma shared a small video of Jimin singing in Hindi which led to the clip going viral in India. The Youtuber uploaded a music video by merging one of Jimin’s music videos and a couple of Hindi lyrics. He wrote in the caption, “If Jimin was a Bollywood singer’ Tag someone who’s Jimin biased. This one was a little more challenging than the previous ones, so thank y’all for being so patient with me.”

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