BTS’ J-Hope shocks the audience by making a surprise appearance at Crush’s ‘Rush Hour’ concert

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Crush performed a scorching concert in Seoul on December 25, 2022. But just as the crowd believed the night couldn’t get much better, J-Hope of BTS shocked everyone by making a surprise appearance. The fans were shocked when J-Hope made a surprise appearance at the concert. J-Hope and Crush worked together on the song “Rush Hour.”

They sang “Rush Hour,” a popular tune they wrote together. To the pleasure of the ARMYs, the devoted BTS fans, the dynamic duo brought the house down with their upbeat dance routines, with J-Hope adding aspects of BTS’s famed choreography. J-Hope and Crush’s humorous stage antics enthused the crowd, who erupted in joy. All those present will undoubtedly remember this particular occasion. After ending their performance, Crush and J-Hope gave each other a hearty hug to show how close they are.

BTS' J-Hope shocks the audience by making a surprise appearance at Crush's 'Rush Hour' concert 2

The exciting joint effort Rush Hour by J-Hope of BTS and South Korean singer Crush was made public on September 24, 2022, through the P NATION label. After finishing his conscription in August, Crush has now made a comeback to the music industry with this song. Crush, J-Hope, and Penomeco all contributed to the song’s composition, which is why it is a genuine masterpiece. For anyone who enjoy excellent pop music as well as fans of both singers, this is a must-listen.

Crush and J-Hope performed the song with a group of talented dancers in a variety of urban settings, including an alleyway and on the street, in the aesthetically spectacular music video that was also released the same day the single. The song “Rush Hour” has an infectious intensity, and the music video captures that energy perfectly. The K-pop industry was completely swept up by “Rush Hour” as soon as it was released, and everyone was anxious to learn and replicate its catchy choreography. Fans were fascinated by the song’s enticing beats and riveting performances by Crush and J-Hope, while K-pop fans took an immediate liking to the choreography.

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