BTS announces the YouTube re-release of every Run BTS episode

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The incredibly popular variety show “Run BTS” by BTS is now streamable on YouTube. A message was posted on the group’s social media accounts, “From the very first episode to the latest one, now you can watch #RunBTS on YouTube! Episodes to be uploaded every day in chronological order”, read the post. Run BTS have been a fan favourite show since it debuted in 2015 and ran through episode 155. Since then, it has returned for special editions every few weeks.

Following that, the first 40 episodes were shown live on the BANGTANTV YouTube channel, and the same will take place over the next three days. With only a few recent episodes posted on the red video juggernaut, the show has so far only been available on VLive and Weverse. Here are some of the episodes to start with:

Episode 1 – Open

The seven members introduce themselves and their future antics on what would go on to become one of the most well-known K-pop variety shows in this brief 3 minutes and 41 second episode. It begins with the group’s interpretation of their own song “Boyz With Fun,” which was included on the album “The Most Beautiful Moment in Life, Part 1” in 2015 and was being promoted at the time. The group had altered the lyrics to promote their own initiative.

Episode 20 – Korean Food War

This was the time that their then-recent album, “Blood Sweat & Tears,” which is occasionally modified, was chosen as the theme tune. Member Jin, who is renowned for having little culinary knowledge, was appointed the day’s chef after sampling the meals prepared by the two teams.

Episode 24 – BTS versus Zombies

The size of the shoots increased as the show gained popularity. For their upcoming “Run BTS” episode, BTS travelled at night to the well-known EVERLAND Resort, and the setting was straight out of a horror film. Zombies seized control of their bus as soon as they got there. They were given tasks to complete while battling their concerns of zombies.

Episode 33 – BTS X Manito 1

Throughout the episode, BTS became each other’s Manitos, or the people in charge of looking after someone. The members themselves selected the gifts for each person in the first of the two halves, along with the work that needed to be completed in order for them to succeed. They ultimately engaged in games and took some stunning shots while jumping.

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