Brad Pitt, Star of Babylon, Talks About Margot Robbie Kiss

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Brad Pitt discusses their on-screen kiss in Babylon. Pitt and Robbie co-star in their third movie together with Diego Calva, Samara Weaving, Tobey Maguire, and a host of other actors in Damien Chazelle’s next flashy epic. Many of the film’s performers have previewed Babylon’s irreverent and outrageous tone, which will depict various tales of decadence and ambition and is set in 1920s Hollywood. Robbie also said that she improvised a kiss with Pitt’s character in one of the movie’s key sequences, which Chazelle left in since it matched her character Nellie, but the director joked that she had orchestrated the occasion to kiss her co-star.

Pitt dismissed the concept of Robbie sneaking a kiss on him in Babylon under the excuse of exercising artistic freedom when chatting with Entertainment Tonight at the movie’s premiere. Pitt also complimented Robbie’s portrayal and added to the numerous hints about Babylon’s wild nature by noting that their kiss doesn’t compare to her stunning deeds in the film. Pitt’s words are a strong recommendation for Babylon given that he and Robbie previously featured together in the highly acclaimed films The Big Short and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood. See what Pitt had to say after the break:

“No, not necessarily. There’s always room for character interpretation. Believe me, that’s the tamest thing she does in this. She’s on fire on this. It’s the best I’ve ever seen her.”

Babylon: Will It Live Up To The Hype?

Brad Pitt, Star of Babylon, Talks About Margot Robbie Kiss 2

Pitt’s claim that Robbie’s performance in Babylon could be her finest one to date adds to the growing list of spoilers for the film; Robbie has already compared the shock value of the film to that of The Wolf of Wall Street. Additionally, according to Chazelle, the similarities between the co-stars’ characters and themselves might make Babylon extremely personal to the actors. Babylon’s teasers and set photographs hinted at a stunning and frantic spectacle brimming with talent and featuring outstanding production design.

Thematically comparable to Babylon, Damien Chazelle’s 2016 film La La Land is an ode to Hollywood and received critical praise and commercial success. It’s only reasonable to ask if Babylon can live up to the excitement it has sparked given all the information that has been made public about it. While Babylon hasn’t yet had its theatrical premiere, early reviews suggest that the reviewers’ opinions of the movie are divided, with some believing that it successfully expresses its message and others believing that it has several flaws.

Even the movie’s harshest critics appear to concede that Babylon is a magnificent sight to see. However, the opponents concur that the thrilling visual experience is overlong and has a hollow center without a compelling plot. Reviews have commended the movie for its inventiveness, spectacle, vigor, and great performances, suggesting that Pitt’s assessments of Robbie’s work may be accurate. When it comes to winning the Academy Award for Best Picture, Babylon could be up against it, but if Robbie’s performance keeps standing out, she might help the movie by winning the Best Actress prize.

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