Blood: New trailer shows Michelle Monaghan going to great lengths to protect her child

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Blood is an upcoming horror movie scheduled for release in January. Vertical Entertainment has unveiled the first trailer for Michelle Monaghan’s Blood. Blood also promises a mother-son relationship in addition to what already appears to be a strong performance by Monaghan.

In order to protect her son from an unknown illness, a newly divorced mother is driven to the verge of insanity. Jess (Monaghan) is shown in the trailer at the beginning of the clip living in the farmhouse she moved into following her divorce. A woman bound to a chair lies in front of her. The woman appears to have just regained consciousness and is clearly terrified after realising the awful circumstances she is in. Jess offers to explain what is going on and begs the woman not to fight. It is just not worth it for her victim to attempt to flee, as Jess emphasises, because a mother will stop at nothing to save her child.

The trailer promises a strong mother-son relationship

The Blood trailer suggests that the movie has discovered a fresh approach to telling a vampire story. It also somewhat utilises the dangerous child cliché, which is a current favourite in the horror genre. Brad Anderson is the film’s director, and Will Honley is its author. After Owen (played by Finlay Wojtak-Hissong), gets attacked by the family dog, the plot centres on Jess. After being attacked by a dog that had become rabid and unpredictable, Owen was left swilling blood out of a pouch, sipping blood from a cup, and wearing glowing eyes. But the blood he ingests seems to speed up the healing of any ailment, allowing him to recover miraculously from the dog’s attack. Unfortunately, because her son’s terrible needs lead her to assault other people, Jess must now decide how to handle the dire situation.

The rest of Blood will focus on Jess’ tormented attempts to keep Owen alive as his craving for the title liquid intensifies. Skeet Ulrich and Skylar Morgan Jones, who previously appeared in Scream, play Jess’s ex-husband and daughter, respectively, in the new horror movie, which will be available in cinemas and on demand in January. Horror fans will probably be happy to see Ulrich return to the gory genre, even though he just makes a brief appearance in the Blood trailer. Blood, however, will explore the extent a mother will go to in order to save her child, no matter how horrific they may turn out to be, making it clear that this is unquestionably Monaghan’s show.
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