Birthday Girl Karol G Talks About Her New Album And More

Singer-songwriter Karol G turned 32 on Tuesday. The Colombian has made name for herself in the industry by releasing some smash hits like ‘Provenza’, ‘Tusa’, ‘Bichota’ and more. She also has two Latin Grammy Awards to her name.

Karol’s lately been busy promoting her fourth studio album, titled “Mañana Será Bonito.” The singer talked about the inspiration behind her new album and more in a recent interview.

“I’m being really open with this album, and that gets me a little bit scared, because I’m not a perfect human,” the star whose real name is Carolina, continued, ““The album is more Carolina than Karol G,” she said. “Personal things that I had inside me, I was just letting them go in my lyrics. People are going to know about a lot of my personal life with my songs. But I don’t want to have the songs inside me anymore, because I know people can heal a lot of things with music. Writing songs for me is a really good way to heal things that I can’t explain.”

The Colombian further talked about expectations, “Right now, I notice that artists are trying very hard to find a concept, to be very experimental, I love that. And that’s a good way to do art. But the concept of this album is just me being me. I really didn’t want people to feel it was like very simple, or just normal. But then we put up the announcement of my album, and there’s already more than 80 million views on Instagram. Now I’m stressed because I think that expectations are very high.”

Karol G talks about her collaborating with Shakira

Karol also revealed that Latin superstar Shakira will be featuring on a track from her new album. After noticing Shakira singing openly about her own breakup, the star sent the demo of her song and when Shakira had a listen of it, Karol said, “She was, like ‘Oh my God, thank you. Those lyrics are perfectly the way I feel right now.’”

Karol G’s new album “Mañana Será Bonito” will be released on February 24.

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