Before The White Lotus, Alexandra Daddario Talks About How Her Hollywood Career Stagnated.

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Since gaining her big break in the original Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief and subsequent series films, Alexandra Daddario has become a household name in Hollywood. After that, she moved on to greater parts in True Detective and movies like Baywatch and San Andreas, but if you weren’t familiar with her before the epidemic, you’d be excused. The actress recently acknowledged that her career had stagnated for a while and that being cast in HBO’s The White Lotus significantly impacted it.

Hollywood is known to be unpredictable. Even well-known figures like Chris Hemsworth have spoken candidly about their former career stagnation. The aforementioned ventures propelled Daddario’s career to new heights, although after that she experienced some difficulty. She revealed where she is in a lengthy piece for Women’s Health, so it’s also not something she appears to be interested in concealing.

Although Alexandra Daddario doesn’t specifically name the films that contributed to her career decline, she had a string of films that received poor reviews. Included in this are the movies Die in a Gunfight from 2021 (17% Rotten), Lost Girls and Love Hotels from 2020 (50% Rotten), and Can You Keep a Secret? from 2019 (30% Rotten). Even material that received generally positive reviews, such as We Have Always Lived in the Castle (88%) didn’t receive the attention it may have earned.

All of that was altered by The White Lotus. Daddario gained notoriety due to a swimsuit scene in Mike White’s series, but her work as bride Rachel was outstanding. More projects and attention resulted from it, but what may have been most startling was a 2022 Emmy nomination. Although that seems like an additional benefit, the actress wasn’t anticipating that when she agreed to participate in a series being filmed in isolation at Four Seasons.

Doing what she loved paid off this time. The Mayfair Witches, a brand-new drama in which Daddario stars as Rowan, an intriguing neurosurgeon with secret skills, will be her next project. It is also based on works by Anne Rice. Her appearance in the next film Wildflower is also confirmed.

What about the HBO Max program that reintroduced her to Hollywood? Season 2 of The White Lotus is now beginning. There will be a new resort and many members of the White Lotus Season 2 cast to meet, even though at least a few cast members from Season 1 will return. With an HBO Max membership, you can catch up on the series; in any case, it should be a successful year for Daddario and for fans of the roles she’s played.

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