A Trailer Update for The Flash Movie is Released After Henry Cavill’s Departure

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When the trailer for Ezra Miller’s The Flash will be released has been discussed in light of the revelation that Henry Cavill’s Superman will no longer appear in the movie.

Miller’s standalone DC Universe feature has been in development for a considerable time and has encountered several roadblocks along the way. However, it now appears as though the movie will truly be released. Since the super-powered blockbuster would “erase every movie” from previous DCU icon Zack Snyder, it piqued many DC fans’ interest.

The Flash has begun to seem like a symbolic farewell for the current/past age of DC on the big screen as the DCU stands in a state of change with James Gunn and Peter Safran taking over the property. Fans may have just received their first indication of when to anticipate the upcoming peek at the Multiversal epic.

A Trailer Update for The Flash Movie is Released After Henry Cavill's Departure 3

The Flash races to the Super Bowl

Since it was rumored that Henry Cavill had been removed from the movie, insiders with knowledge of the situation have disclosed the first update to The Flash’s trailer (and the DCU entirely). Warner Bros. (WB), which hasn’t purchased any advertisements for the Super Bowl since 2006, will return, according to The Wrap. The Flash will get a brand-new look from the Hollywood powerhouse as its June release date approaches.

The site hypothesized that this may be a strategy to generate excitement for the DC movie and the larger DCU and divert attention away from another Marvel blockbuster, with Super Bowl LVII taking place only days before the release of Marvel Studios’ Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

A Trailer Update for The Flash Movie is Released After Henry Cavill's Departure 4

Anticipations for The Flash’s Upcoming Trailer

There have been so many inquiries regarding The Flash as a movie, some of which go back even further than when James Gunn and Peter Safran assumed control of DC Studios. But under the Gunn/Safran period, it seems as though those inquiries have increased dramatically. The long-term success of The Flash will depend greatly on this next trailer. Interest in the remaining movies from this current DC chronology has decreased as people wait to learn what this next age of DCU narrative will look like.

Why would a fan be interested in future installments of a movie world that would ostensibly cease to exist by the end of 2023? Whatever WB and DC Studios have in store for this Super Bowl tease, it must reassure viewers and recapture some of the positive sentiment generated when The Flash’s first teaser premiered.

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