A Significant Mon Mothma Event for Season 2 Was Just Foreshadowed By Andor

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Mon Mothma, one of the show’s main characters, was first seen in Andor episode 4, which also hinted at a major development for the senator and the plot of the entire series. Initially appearing in Return of the Jedi as the head of the Rebel Alliance during the Battle of Endor However, it was established by the prequel trilogy as well as Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars: Rebels that Mon Mothma had a significant impact on the galaxy’s development prior to Episode VI.

This significance resulted from the Rebel Alliance’s early creation, which was a major theme throughout her appearances in Star Wars: Rebels. Then, with the arrival of Andor, the focus will shift to Mon Mothma’s mission of creating the Rebel Alliance out of the darkness of the Empire. Prior to the show’s debut, it was announced that Mon Mothma, who had previously appeared as Genevieve O’Reilly’s voice in Rebels and in the live-action versions of Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, would also feature in the series. Through one dialogue-heavy sequence with Mon Mothma and her husband in Andor episode 4, a significant event in the senator’s future that will almost probably be depicted in Andor season 2 was predicted.

Sometime after Andor episode 4, during a discussion about the couple’s supper with some Empire officials, Mon Mothma expresses her dislike for the guests since they blocked off the shipping lines to Ghorman, causing the Ghorman people to hunger. The Emperor orders the slaughter of nonviolent demonstrators on Ghorman, which occurs in 2 BBY, and thus alludes to the resulting Ghorman massacre. In the Star Wars: Rebels episode “Secret Cargo,” Mon Mothma utilizes this occasion to make a frank statement against the cruelty of the Emperor. After discovering that the Empire was after her, she fled Coruscant and committed herself to forge the Rebel Alliance. Andor season 2 will probably feature this incident.

A Significant Mon Mothma Event for Season 2 Was Just Foreshadowed By Andor 2

After leaving Coruscant, what occurs to Mon Mothma?

Therefore, many people would be curious as to what happened to Mon Mothma between the events of the Ghorman slaughter and her subsequent live-action debut in Rogue One two years later. These events are, in fact, highlighted in Star Wars: Rebels, with the aforementioned “Secret Cargo” episode taking place immediately after Mon Mothma’s speech denouncing the Emperor. Bail Organa contacts Mothma and orders her to travel to the depths of space to meet the Phoenix Squadron. Another moniker for the Ghost crew, the main cast of Star Wars: Rebels, is Phoenix Squadron.

The Ghost crew is entrusted with escorting Mon Mothma, who is evading the Empire, in Star Wars: Rebels season 3, episode 18. The Ghost crew’s struggle to evade a prototype TIE Defender despatched by Grand Admiral Thrawn is the episode’s main theme. The crew successfully evades the grip of the Empire with Mon Mothma in tow after outmaneuvering the TIE Defender, seriously damaging two Star Destroyers, and doing so. A short while later, Mothma sends a message to all Rebel cells in the galaxy announcing her plan to start openly opposing the Empire through a unified Rebel Alliance rather than through small, independent Rebel cells battling from the shadows up to that moment.

The destruction of both Death Stars was made possible by Mothma, who later makes appearances in Rogue One and Return of the Jedi. It is unknown if the actions involving the Ghost crew will be shown in live action. But it is obvious from Andor’s pre-established timeline and the hint at the Ghorman slaughter in episode 4 that Mothma’s actual renunciation of the Empire and devotion to the Rebel Alliance will be the focus of season 2.

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