Rupert Everett to star in the upcoming spy thriller series Gray

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Rupert Everett has reportedly been cast in the upcoming series Gray, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Previous productions by Everett include Muse from 2019 and Warning from 2021, both directed by Agata Alexander (directed by Candida Brady). The sitcom will also include Wendy Crewson and Shawn Doyle as stars. There is no confirmed release date for Gray.

The story will centre on Cornelia Gray (played by Clarkson). After being thought to be a traitor, Gray, a CIA agent, has been hiding for the past 20 years. However, it is found that her espionage network now has a new mole as she returns to her previous life. There will be eight episodes in the series.

Ruba Nadda will be the film’s director. The films Inescapable (2012), Cairo Time (2009), and October Gale (2014) are among Nadda’s earlier works as a director. The series was written by John McLaughlin. McLaughlin has previously written for the Sacha Gervasi-directed films Hitchcock (2012) and Black Swan (2010). (directed by Darren Aronofsky). The concept for Gray came from author David Baldacci. The 6:20 Man from this year, the Aloysis Archer series, and the Atlee Pine series are among the works of Baldacci.

As executive producers, Nadda, McLaughlin, and Baldacci will work. The series will be produced by AGC, Lionsgate Television, and Night Train Media. Stuart Ford and Lourdes Diaz of AGC, Agapy Kapouranisand and Elliott Brannon of Lionsgate, and Herbert L. Kloiber of Night Train Media will serve as executive producers. The series’ executive producer will also be Marc Shmuger. In the US, Gray will be distributed by AGC Studios. The television show will be made available abroad via Lionsgate Television. Toronto is where Gray is presently being filmed.

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