Will Netflix Intimacy Season 2 be renewed or cancelled?


Fans of alluring political thrillers are missing out if they haven’t watched Intimacy on Netflix, and those who have are undoubtedly curious about what is going on with Intimacy season 2?
Netflix currently has a number of fantastic Spanish programmes available to view, including Who Killed Sara, Narcos, Sky Rojo, and its most recent well-crafted addition, Intimacy. That last entry was a thought-provoking experience for subscribers, and it’s not surprising that they want more.

The first season had viewers on the edge of their seats in what can only be characterised as an enigmatic political thriller with a well-crafted, current narrative that takes an eye-opening look at modern-day privacy issues. Money Heist actor Itziar Ituo scorches onscreen once more in Intimacy, delivering another stunning performance that raises the bar for additional episodes to an all-time high.
Here’s all fans need to know about the Intimacy season 2 predicament.

Is Season 2 of Intimacy coming to Netflix?

At this time, there have been no new speculations or reports regarding the continuance of the Spanish thriller series, and it is unknown if word of a renewal is on the way. So far, Netflix appears to be keeping its plans hidden, and what happens with Intimacy season 2 is anyone’s guess.
Intimacy was initially launched on June 10, 2022, and it’s still early in the game, so there’s still time for a renewal. While nothing is certain, there is still hope for Intimacy season 2.

There is always the possibility that fans will get another season if the programme is not officially cancelled. So yet, Intimacy has not been cancelled, so there is still hope for another instalment of the well-crafted Spanish thriller.
Some popular shows, such as Stranger Things and Outer Banks, have multiple iterations available on the streamer, yet others, such as Cowboy Bebop and Jupiter’s Legacy, were hits that were quickly cancelled. Fans will undoubtedly have to wait to see what the future holds for Season 2 of Intimacy.

It doesn’t appear that Intimacy season 2 will begin filming until Netflix confirms that more episodes are on the way. With that still not having occurred, it appears that the yet-to-be-announced second run has yet to begin filming.
The fate of the show’s follow-up production will become obvious around or after the news of a renewal, and very certainly before the release date, as is customary. Until then, viewers may relive all of the thrilling moments from the first season of Intimacy.

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