4 Hidden References And Easter Eggs In Luther: The Fallen Sun

4 Hidden References And Easter Eggs In Luther: The Fallen Sun

While Luther’s sequel on Netflix is suitable for a wide range of viewers, Luther: The Fallen Sun features several hidden references that would only be appreciated by dedicated Luther enthusiasts.

The movie Luther: The Fallen Sun on Netflix is an appropriate continuation of the BBC TV series with the same title, and its hidden references and Easter eggs enhance its appeal. The plot of Luther: The Fallen Sun carries on from the events of the original series, with the protagonist, John Luther, incarcerated for his misconduct. A notorious serial killer from Luther’s past, David Robey, whom he couldn’t capture, contacts him, and Luther decides to escape prison to apprehend Robey, resorting to any means necessary to bring him to justice. The character of Robey is hauntingly portrayed by Andy Serkis.

Although the sequel movie Luther: The Fallen Sun on Netflix is intended for a wider audience than just fans of the original BBC TV series, it is equally enjoyable for both fans and newcomers. Despite this, the creators have not refrained from incorporating some entertaining nods and Easter eggs into the Luther TV show for devoted fans to discover. This article highlights all the Easter eggs and references to the Luther series featured in Netflix’s Luther: The Fallen Sun, indicating where they can be spotted in the movie.

Name-Drops for Season 5 Villains of the Original Series: Luther’s Fallen Sun Arrest

At the start of Luther: The Fallen Sun on Netflix, a news report announces the arrest of John Luther, portrayed by Idris Elba, establishing his imprisonment in the film. The news clip also provides a short overview of Luther’s character and the reasons behind his arrest, along with references to some of the criminals he had caught before his capture. To someone who hasn’t seen the BBC series, Luther, these names may appear unimportant, but they are actually a hidden reference to a specific episode in season 5 of Luther.

During Luther’s fifth season, the character made significant efforts to capture the serial killers Jeremy and Vivian Lake, who are especially perilous criminals. As Luther draws closer to arresting them, the Lakes start targeting people close to him, adding to their menacing and unforgettable nature. The inclusion of an Easter egg alluding to Jeremy and Vivian Lake at the outset of Luther: The Fallen Sun is not only a pleasant acknowledgment to the show’s followers, but also serves to establish a clear link between where Idris Elba’s character ended up at the conclusion of season 5 and where Luther currently finds himself in the Netflix movie.

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The vehicle from the TV show Luther serves as Luther’s vehicle

4 Hidden References And Easter Eggs In Luther: The Fallen Sun 5

Throughout the original series of Luther, there are several characteristic traits that define John Luther’s persona as a detective. One of these distinct features is his affection for his old, run-down Volvo, which has become an iconic element of the show. Therefore, it’s fitting that the vehicle makes a comeback in Netflix’s Luther: The Fallen Sun.

Shortly after escaping from prison in the movie, Luther heads to a garage where he finds his beloved car. He exchanges some playful banter with Dennis about the vehicle’s shabby state, making its appearance in the film seem natural. Once reunited with his Volvo, Luther can be seen driving it throughout the Netflix movie. The inclusion of his car is the first sign that DCI John Luther has returned to action in the film, and is as sharp and distinctive as ever.

Easter Egg in Luther’s Cell Dedicated to David Bowie

Although John Luther is known for his dedication to his job and solving cases, he has some lighter aspects to his personality as well. One of these includes his love for rock legend David Bowie. Throughout the BBC TV series, Luther is often seen listening to and referencing Bowie’s music, which provides him with a source of comfort and inspiration amidst his difficult work.

Given Luther’s affinity for Bowie, it is fitting that the musician’s influence appears in Luther: The Fallen Sun, particularly after Luther has experienced some dark times. Bowie is referenced a few times in the Netflix movie, with a brief mention occurring when Luther is reunited with his car after escaping from prison. However, the most notable Bowie Easter egg comes when Schenk searches Luther’s prison cell for clues after he escapes. In one of Luther’s books, Schenk finds a photo of Bowie as Ziggy Stardust. This reference serves as a tribute to Luther’s love for Bowie and a reminder that the musician’s music continued to bring comfort to Luther while he was in prison.

A version of the Original Show’s Theme Song Appears in Luther: The Fallen Sun

4 Hidden References And Easter Eggs In Luther: The Fallen Sun 6

The BBC TV show Luther has many defining features, one of which is its theme song, “Paradise Circus” by Massive Attack. This song perfectly captures the show’s mood, with its sinister vibe and lyrics about sin and love. It also reflects John Luther’s personal struggles and his complicated relationship with Alice Morgan. Therefore, it’s no surprise that “Paradise Circus” makes an appearance in Luther: The Fallen Sun. While the movie mostly relies on its original score, the inclusion of the familiar theme song is impactful. The film features a new version of the song by POST and Ghostpoet, and Luther’s reaction to hearing it shows that he’s ready to return to action.

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