Will ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ Mark the End of the Franchise?

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John Wick: Chapter 4” is almost here. The action thriller franchise has been entertaining the audience ever since its first movie in 2014. Now the future isn’t looking so promising for the franchise following Keanu Reeves’s update about the fifth instalment.

Keanu Reeves expressed doubts regarding ‘John Wick 5’ in his recent interview with ‘Total Film.’

The star who plays the title role said, “You have to see how the audience responds to what we did. The only reason we’ve had a chance to make these movies is that people have liked what we have done.” The actor further continued, “So I think we have to wait and see how the audience responds to it. Hopefully they’ll like it.”

The fans aren’t so pleased with the update as they’re not yet ready to welcome the end of one of the most celebrated franchises of Hollywood.

What’s next in John Wick Universe?

Regardless of the fifth instalment, the fans for sure aren’t going to say good bye to the John Wick universe soon as a spin-off is already in works.

The Ana de Armas led spin-off, titled ‘Ballerina’ also stars Keanu Reeves. Ian McShane will also be returning as Winston as per reports. The revenge-themed movie revolves around the assassin named “Rooney.”

Keanu Reeves talked about working with Ana de Armas and Len Wiseman, the director of the film. He said, “Len Wiseman has a vision, but is also embracing, affectionately, the world of John Wick, I felt that there was a cool handoff of stewardship, and it was fun to put the suit on again, however briefly. Working with Ana was great. She really loves action, and she’s really good at it.”

We have earlier predicted that ‘John Wick: Chapter 4’ could put a full stop to the main character’s story. As we said earlier, we hope this isn’t the end of ‘John Wick’ but if it indeed is, then we shouldn’t be surprised.

John Wick: Chapter 4” arrives in theaters on 23rd March, 2023.

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