For Cal and his abilities, the Dragon disclosure in Manifest season 4 has game-changing ramifications


The examination of Cal’s future in Manifest season 4, part 1, prepared the foundation for the character to play a crucial position in the show’s concluding episodes. It has become clear throughout the course of the first three seasons that Cal is more connected to the Callings than any of the other passengers on Flight 828. Finally, the show has revealed what his true purpose in their journey is.

The fourth and final season of Manifest began by answering some unanswered questions about Cal and his role in the overall plot. The most important query, of course, concerned his absence and abrupt ageing in the season 3 finale. While Manifest refrained from giving all the answers, it did make some startling revelations regarding Ty Doran’s persona. Manifest provided some much-needed understanding about Cal’s connection to the Callings and what it is he is intended to perform throughout the course of a ten-episode tale. Cal appears to be considerably more crucial to the passengers’ future than they could have ever anticipated. Here is everything the first episode of Manifest season 4 revealed about Cal, how he fits into the show’s mythos, and what it all means.

Meeting The idea of the Dragon was first presented by Henry Kim, a passenger on Flight 828 who was briefly addressed in Manifest season 3. Henry claims that both he and Cal are Dragons. They are identifiable by a scar in the form of a dragon on their arms. The significance of it was left unclear for the majority of the season, but Olive and TJ’s research into the Callings’ historical background offered them insight into what being the Dragon truly entails. They were warned of a “monster inside of a sapphire hanging above Maat’s scales” by a prophesy connected to Egyptian mythology. As Olive pointed out, the Lifeboat is referred to as “scales” in the prophecy, which is a fact they discovered in season 3.
All of this suggests that the Dragon might be able to save the Lifeboat. In the climax, Olive came to the same conclusion when she said that Cal could rescue the planet. Henry could have been able to play this role as well, but Olive’s statement about being touched by the sapphire distinguishes her from Henry. In Manifest, Henry never got close to an Omega Sapphire. Contrarily, Cal proved he was the true subject of the prophecy in question when he destroyed Angelina’s Omega Sapphire in the Manifest season 4 part 1 finale.

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