1:33 AM Saturday, September 23, 2017
Will the return to the bond market derail drive for economic reform?
Anders Aslund Sep 19, 2017
Ukraine’s European choice will have to become more decisive, doubling its portion of overall trade with Europe from 37 percent to 75 percent.
James Brooke Sep 16, 2017
Speakers at annual Yalta European Strategy meeting call for more free market economic changes
James Brooke Sep 15, 2017
Trucks, trains and ships run on diesel; Ukraine eyes natural gas independence in 2020; Oil and gas sector liberalized to attract private investment, domestic and foreign
James Brooke Sep 14, 2017
More flights, more tourists, more jobs for Ukraine IT engineers here and for Ukraine construction workers in Israel
The UBJ Jun 08, 2017
Former New York Mayor says Trump will stand up to Putin; Rada puts Ukraine on NATO path
The UBJ Jun 08, 2017
Visas will favor well-educated entrepreneurs
James Brooke Jun 07, 2017
Changes to the Order on TP audits have been adopted by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine
Jun 06, 2017
Ukraine’s big gas victory – explained step by step
The UBJ Jun 03, 2017
Thoughts on the longer term implications of the Stockholm Gazprom ruling -- June 1
Timothy Ash May 31, 2017
The Embassy of Sweden in Ukraine invites you to join the 6th Sweden-Ukraine Business Forum that will take place in Kyiv, Ukraine, on June 15.
May 31, 2017
Moves toward full ratification of free trade pact in time for EU Ukraine Summit in July
By Bloomberg May 30, 2017
Private hospitals, private health insurance, medical tourism, drug sales, drug testing and drug manufacturing could all benefit from laws before the Rada this summer
James Brooke May 29, 2017
A farm land market and pensions changes needed for massive financial support to keep flowing
Timothy Ash May 27, 2017
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