19:31 PM Monday, July 24, 2017
Donor interest is not there; pass reforms and get Western aid already promised
Timothy Ash Jul 17, 2017
PM Groysman invites discount carrier back to talks; calls mount for firing of Boryspil’s new director
Mark Satter Jul 11, 2017
Rockets made in Dnipro to launch satellites from Nova Scotia over the North Atlantic
The UBJ Jul 07, 2017
Off the beaten track: Territory of Terror Museum gives visitors a taste of Nazi Jewish Ghetto and Soviet Transit Prison
Mark Satter Jul 07, 2017
Two more fast cross border trains start this summer as Ukrainians reconnect to Poland for work, study and play
Mark Satter Jul 05, 2017
Criticizes gas reform as halfway and worries that farms land market would concentrate land ownership
Diane Francis May 04, 2017
The VII International Conference “UkrCemFor 2017. Cement industry. Best Practices. Development prospects”
The UBJ May 03, 2017
Foreign investor succeeds -- building goat herd, selling gourmet cheeses online, riding organic produce wave, and attracting farm tourists from Lviv
James Brooke Apr 30, 2017
Under pressure of war, Ukraine produces new military technologies that are quickly battle tested
Vitalii Dubenskyi Apr 30, 2017
Big Sweden-Ukraine trade and investment forum June 15 in Kyiv
James Brooke Apr 28, 2017
Chinese tech giant: Ukraine policies should match engineering talent
Vitalii Dubenskyi Apr 28, 2017
In major step towards privatization of Odesa Port Plant, ERU signs insurance policy with OPIC​
James Brooke Apr 27, 2017
World takes notice of low key Ukraine
Vitalii Dubenskyi Apr 27, 2017
Dragon Capital CEO is president European Business Association, largest foreign foreign business association in Ukraine
Timothy Ash Apr 26, 2017
Pending presidential nomination and Rada approval, Lavrenchuk would succeed Valeria Gontareva as Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine
Timothy Ash Apr 25, 2017
Survey of 19,000 Ukrainians in 24 cities, indicates that people see more change on local level than on national level
James Brooke Apr 25, 2017
Far from the battlefield, the two largest economies of the Slavic world are disengaging
James Brooke Apr 25, 2017