17:34 PM Wednesday, July 26, 2017
Kremlin misplayed its US cards, and now Russia faces years or decades of US economic sanctions
Timothy Ash Jul 24, 2017
Political scientist says: take a deep breath and put Ukraine’s changes in context
The UBJ Jul 19, 2017
Donor interest is not there; pass reforms and get Western aid already promised
Timothy Ash Jul 17, 2017
Belgian real estate developer unveils plans for Lviv’s second Euro-standard residential suburb – on the road to Poland
Mark Satter Jul 14, 2017
PM Groysman invites discount carrier back to talks; calls mount for firing of Boryspil’s new director
Mark Satter Jul 11, 2017
Government must act on protests by foreign and Ukrainian Naftogaz board members
Apr 11, 2017
Closed half of Ukraine’s banks, cut central bank staff in half, and adopted floating hryvnia exchange rate; political fight expected over successor
Apr 10, 2017
The II “Ukrainian Infrastructure Forum ’17” with a focus on investments in the infrastructure sector of Ukraine will take place on April 20 in Kyiv. Forum organizer – A7 CONFERENCES under the patronage of the Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine. Partner
UBJ Editor Apr 10, 2017
Search on for successor
Timothy Ash Apr 10, 2017
A Russian boycott could reduce pressure on hotel rooms
Apr 08, 2017
Four Signatories – Three Foreigners -- seek Assurances from Deputy PM
Apr 07, 2017
Will American muscle-flexing in Mideast prompt Russia to muscle-flex in Ukraine and ‘near abroad?’ Ukraine central banks asks police to protect Russian Banks
Timothy Ash Apr 07, 2017
Will Ukraine’s ban on book from Russia stimulate printing of Ukrainian books -- or generate a black market?
Apr 07, 2017
On March 20-21, the Millennium Mayfair Hotel in the heart of London played host to the Ukrainian Investment Roadshow, organised by Stephen Butler and the Strategy Council.
UBJ Editor Apr 07, 2017
Edible oil producer Efko upgraded plants to cater to world's top buyer; Ukraine is by far biggest supplier to India
By Bloomberg Apr 06, 2017
Australians Peter Kuhn and Glen Hollings gambled when they invested $250,000 in an Australian meat pie factory near Kyiv, then in the throes of the Maidan revolution.
Apr 06, 2017
Starting in June, Ukrainian citizens do not need visas for 90-day stays in the 22-nations of Schengen Zone. Main exceptions in Western Europe are UK, Ireland,Switzerland and Norway.
Apr 06, 2017