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Ukrainian Website Helps Homeowners go Solar
With roof area and location, easy calculation of installation cost and electricity bill savings
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ODESA – Today every homeowner in Ukraine can turn his house into a private power station.

The only thing needed to become self-sufficient is solar panels. But, many owners are put off by a lack of understanding of benefits and costs.

To solve this problem, a team of enthusiasts -- from IT to journalism -- created a free online service Odessasolar, which allows visitors to calculate equipment costs, benefits of electricity generation, and payback periods. The site for the bilingual, English/Russian site is:

The goal is to raise awareness and simplify installing solar panels on private houses.

Website map identifies, in orange, roofs with strong solar energy potential, in Odesa, Ukraine's largest city with the most sunshine. (supplied)

Expand to Kyiv, Lviv and Dnipro

“Kyiv, Lviv and Dnipro cities are considered to be the priority cities for further expansion,” an Odessasolar participant said. “This process will begin after the beta test phase, and should take another three months.”

To use the site, a visitor choose a building on a digital map and determines its type. Based on the ratio of the roof area and its location, the program calculates costs and benefits.

The calculation algorithm takes into account: the cost of installing equipment; potential amount of generated energy; its cash equivalent; the interest rate of a loan, if needed. If a visitor knows the amount of energy consumed energy each month, the program will calculate annual average savings.

Making Solar Simple

"Considering that the issue of the development of alternative energy sources is no longer simply obvious, but becomes topical, we see the paradox that the level of awareness and interest among the population remains extremely low" Odessasolar’s spokesman Mykhailo Panchenko told “Therefore, we have decided to start the service.”

The service is free for users.

“We are interested in attracting partners who are engaged in the development of alternative energy in Ukraine, or financial institutions which plan to develop credit products in this area,” the company told the UBJ.

“We also see a certain perspective in developing of such service for foreign markets that have a significant potential for the development of alternative (solar) energy and where an interest in stimulating demand from the private sector could exist,” added the press service.

Odessasolar Website home page

Solar Cuts CO2 Emissions

According to Odessasolar, the average private house in Ukraine has a potential production of about 40 MW per year, equivalent to $7,600. For each house, the total decrease in CO2 emissions can reach 79 metric tons per year.

The Odessasolar project has the same goal as a Google project called Sunroof, which was created in August of 2015 for the US. Its goal is to raise awareness and simplify installing solar panels on private house rooves.

“At the same time the Ukrainian service was developed in 2014 - a year earlier than the Google's one,” the company states. The Ukrainian service also takes into account local regulatory and tariff specifics.

So far the total area of calculated objects buildings in Odessa is 17.36 km². The total roof area in private sector is about 5.15 km².

For comments and story ideas, please email Vitalii Dubenskyi at: Slider photo: Household solar water heater on display at alternative energy fair in Kyiv. (Photo: Aleksandr Sinitsa)

Posted May 13, 2017

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