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UBJ AM News June 07 2017
Fujikura expands in Ukraine, total investment in Ukraine’s agriculture rises, Ukranian citizen designs new supercar.
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• Japan’s Fujikura Automotive Ukraine is moving east from its base in Lviv, opening new plants in Vinnytsia and Cherkasy, Ukrainian Journal reported. According to Minister of Economic Development and Trade Stepan Kubiv, up to 1,500 jobs at each plant could be created.

• Total capital investment in Ukraine’s farm economy has grown by $400 million, Ukrinform reported. This is a 58% rise compared to last year’s level.

• Kernel Agri Holding is finishing negotiations on acquiring two farm companies with a combined land bank of 230,000 hectares, Interfax-Ukraine reported.

• Ukraine has exhausted its annual quota on wheat exports to the EU. According to Zero On-line, 960,000 tons of wheat have been exported. About 75% of the barley quota, or 270,000 tons, also has been shipped.

• The International Labor Organization is launching a major project in Ukraine. According to the Ukrainian League of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs, the project will improve social dialogue and raise the position of employers within society.

• The number of people visiting occupied Crimea from Ukraine has dropped by 30%, Ukrinform reported. According to Oleh Slobodian, chairman of the State Border Service, the pattern of movement has also changed. More crossings are made on weekends.

• Ukrainian Andrei Gasowski has manufactured a supercar in Ukraine’s capital Kyiv. According to Mice Times, Gasowski’s Chimera s based on a BMW design and has a 4.4l engine.

• The head of the interregional customs department in Ukraine’s western region Lviv has been arrested for receiving bribes. According to Ukraine’s Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko, the official was caught red handed receiving $60,520 and UAH 10,000 bribes.

• Ukraine and Poland are developing a gas hub to strengthen the two countries independence of Russian gas. According to Unian, the development will also help maintain European standards of gas pricing.

• The National Bank of Ukraine has reported a 3% rise in forex reserves in May. According to UNIAN, the country's international reserves as of June 1, amounted to US$17.6 billion, 3% above the level recorded May 1.

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