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Ukraine’s Black Sea ports faster than Russia’s; After Eurovision, Ukraine faces fine, Kyiv to build concert held; State chemical producers up for privatisation
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• Wait times at Ukraine’s Black Sea ports are now half of those at Russia's Black Sea ports, resulting in shippers preferring to unload containers at Ukrainian ports, according to JOC. The news site attributed this to customs reforms made last year in Odesa.

• Ukraine faces a large fine from the European Broadcasting Union, for delays in organizing the Eurovision song contest in May and refusing to allow a Russian artist to perform. It is unclear how much Ukraine will have to pay, but the EBU called the fine “substantial,” Reuters reports.

• The Eurovision Song Contest, held in Kyiv in May, prompted city officials to create a modern venue capable of attracting sporting and cultural events to the city, Eurovoix reports. Mayor Vitali Klitschko revealed plans to develop a 1.5 hectare site this week, promising a capacity of 4,500-8,000 people.

• Ukraine will privatize several state-owned chemical producers in a bid to sell the firms to foreign investors and revitalize the struggling industry. Among companies under consideration for privatization are Stirol, Chernigivskoye Khimvolokno, and OJSC Sumykhimprom.

• As Ukraine and companies around the world work to recover from Tuesday’s mass cyber attack, experts speculate that the motive for the ransomware attack was political, not financial. Citing a meager haul of $10,000 in the hacker’s public bitcoin wallet, experts believe the hackers meant to send a message to Ukraine.

• Poland has accepted 1.4 million Ukrainian workers, some fleeing the conflict in the Donbas. Citing this inflow, Poland says it is unwilling to accept refugees from Africa and the Middle East.

• Sanctions on Russia have been extended for six months by the EU for “destabilizing Ukraine,” according to Business Insider. EU leaders unanimously agreed that Russia had not done enough to respect the peace agreement aimed at ending the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

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