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Two more discount airlines to Ukraine? Aircraft sales announced at Le Bourget; Bukovel and Kyiv’s President Hotel to be privatized
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• Minister of Infrastructure Volodymyr Omelyan hopes to bring two more low-cost airlines to Ukraine this year., he said in an interview with Voice of America. Ryanair starts flights from European cities to Lviv and Kyiv in September.

• Charges for passenger services at Kyiv’s Boryspil International Airport have been reduced 23.5%, the Ministry of Infrastructure reports. Additionally, since June 20, the airport is now able to give discounts to charter flights and new airlines.

• Antonov Airlines plans to supply China with 50 An-178 aircraft following a meeting at the Le Bourget airshow in Paris, according to Ukr.Media.

• Austria-based company Diamond Aircraft Industries has signed an agreement with Zaporozhye’s Motor Sich to start delivery of Ukrainian-built engines for use in aircraft this year, Korrespondent reports.

• Kyiv-based tech start-up Kray Technologies has signed a contract with Agrodon, agreeing to create over 10 drones for irrigating and fertilizating crops, Hromadske reports. Each drone will cost $50,000. Costs are to decrease as mass production begins.

• The Ukrainian government will foot the 38.5 billion hryvnia ($1.5 billion) bill to recapitalize Privatbank after last year’s state takeover, Bloomberg reports. The country has already pumped 100 billion hryvnia into the bank.

• Over 2,000 assets owned by nationalized Privatbank will be sold at auction, according to Povin. Assets include the Carpathian Bukovel Ski Resort and the Dnipro Stadium complex.

• State-owned President Hotel in Kyiv has been listed for privatization five years after a full renovation was completed. The hotel will be sold at auction July 25, Sevodnya reports.

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