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Visa free era: jump in EU travel, new cross border trains, bid to end mobile charges for Ukrainians in Europe
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• Ukrainian tourism and business visitors to the EU are to go up 20% with the June 11 introduction of visa-free travel. Those with a biometric passport are able to visit 30 EU countries for 90 days without visas, Interfax reports.

• The first trains of the visa-free era are traveling between Kyiv, Lviv and the Polish city of Przemysl. More such ‘fast’ cross border trains are planned. Border control officials check passports on board with portable computers, allowing for smooth and predictable land crossings.

• Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has announced talks with leaders of the EU states to end roaming charges for Ukrainians traveling across Europe, according to UNIAN.

• For Ukraine’s eastern neighbor, Foreign Minister Pavlo Klimkin is proposing a “pre-notification system” for Russians seeking to visit Ukraine. If approved, the system would take several months to set up, according to Interfax.

One of 18 cartoons on EU-Ukraine-Russia in a display inaugurated June 9 at Kyiv’s Taras Shevchenko Park. Here, the EU highway beckons, allowing Ukraine to leave behind Russia -- symbolized by a raven, a vodka bottle, barbed wire and substandard food. The show is sponsored by the USAID and the Institute of World Policy. (Photo: James Brooke)

• There has been a 15-25% trade increase with Kazakhstan since the beginning of 2017, Interfax reports. The 2016 decline in trade was attributed to weak oil prices, Ukraine’s weak economy, and Russia’s transit restrictions on Ukrainian cargo.

• The USDA has marginally improved its forecast for Ukraine’s corn yield by 500,000 tons since a May forecast of 28.5 million tons. Grain harvest in Ukraine in 2016, according to the State Statistics Service, amounted to about 66 million tons.

• The Ukrainian government will appeal a ruling of the High Court of Justice in a dispute with Russia over a $3 billion debt. The debt comes from a 2013 loan given to Ukraine that the country defaulted on in 2015, the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance reports.

• Five years from now, Ukraine is to be importing gas from Norway, Interfax reports. Poland and Denmark have signed a memorandum to ensure construction of gas pipeline links.

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