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UBJ AM July 27, 2017
Mark Satter
Boryspil handles record passenger flow; Israeli companies to hire more Ukraine IT workers; New law eases residence permits
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• On Sunday June 25, Kyiv’s Boryspil Airport handled record number of passengers for one day -- 39,594. traveled through the hub in a single day. The largest destination was Turkey, which received 15 percent.

• Ukraine IT workers will continue to benefit from Israeli’s booming start-ups, which are struggling to find workers at home, according to VentureBeat. A strong Soviet legacy of hard science education gives Ukraine over 20,000 IT graduates a year.

• Appealing to foreign investors, President Poroshenko has signed into law a bill that removes a requirement to register investments and simplifies work and residence permit processes. Signed yesterday, the law goes into effect at the end of September.

• A border wall slated to run the length of Ukraine’s border with Russia will see its Kharkiv section completed this year, according to Interior Minister Arsen Avakov. The border is part of the European Wall Project, which aims to secure Europe’s borders.

• Russia plans to discontinue use of new Ukrainian gas turbine engines in its surface ships by mid-2018. Recently, construction of Russian naval ships was paused until replacement engines could be manufactured outside of Ukraine.

• Borislav Ivanov, head of Deutsche Bank Ukraine, has been appointed as head of the bank in Russia, the bank announced yesterday. Deutsche Bank said in a statement that it is committed to developing its presence in Russia but all investment banking management there will be done remotely.

• BioPromin, a Ukraine-based medical device manufacturer, has signed an agreement with Hebron, a Chinese valve and pipe-fitting company. The companies plan to develop, manufacture, and market BioPromin's proprietary noninvasive blood analyzing devices in China, Cision reports.

• Yury Lutsenko, head of the Prosecutor General’s Office, has announced plans to overhaul Ukraine’s corrupt lottery system. Hundreds of illegal lottery operations were closed last year, but quickly reopened, Interfax reports.

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