12:08 PM Friday, June 22, 2018
Big Power Talk on ‘Little Russia’?
One month after Donetsk separatists proclaimed 'Malorossiya,' Kremlin hopes a special envoy meeting will unlock the logjam on Eastern Ukraine.
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LONDON -- The Russians have been desperate for the Volker-Surkov meeting to happen ASAP.

Volker seems to have played hard to get, spending a lot of time in Ukraine "getting up to speed", to the great irritation of Moscow.

How does it go: "Treat them mean, keep them keen?"

Basically Moscow has had enough of the Minsk process, and talking with the Europeans. Its ideal scenario all along has been a Great Power get together, with the Americans to sort all the world’s problems out -- and to deal. The Volker-Surkov process is all part of this, although I doubt Volker has been given the same remit.

Kurt Volker, US Special Envoy for Ukraine, speaks July 11 at a meeting in Kyiv with Prime Minister Volodymyr Groysman. Vladislav Surkov is his Russian counterpart, advising President Putin on the war in Donbas.

(UNIAN/ Vladimir Musienko)

Timothy Ash is senior sovereign analyst for Blue Bay Asset Management in London.

Lavrov: Tillerson confirms that Special Representative of U.S. State Dept
for Ukraine Volker to meet with Surkov shortly

MANILA. Aug 7 (Interfax) - Special Representative of the U.S.
Department of State for Ukraine Negotiations Kurt Volker is to meet with
Russian presidential aide Vladislav Surkov shortly.

"We reminded that both the U.S. President and the Secretary of State
had promised us that the U.S. Special Representative on the Ukrainian
settlement, Mr. Volker, would come soon. Rex Tillerson confirmed that such
a contact with our representative Vladislav Surkov was planned and would
happen in the very near future," Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov
said following his meeting with Tillerson in the Philippines.

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