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UBJ AM News: Nov. 17, 2016
Ukrtelekom will spend 400 million hryvnia to modernize its IT infrastructure in Lviv, Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association is counting on passage of a law making the gaming business legal, and Flydubai added three flights on the Kyiv-Dubai route
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Ukrtelekom will spend 400 million hryvnia ($15 million) to modernize its IT infrastructure in Lviv, Interfax Ukraine reported. The modernization will begin in the downtown core and the Mayorovka and New Lviv neighborhoods. Once it’s completed, about 160,000 Lvov subscribers will have internet speeds that could be as high as 1 gigabyte per second.

Multiple outlets reported that the Cabinet has come up with a road map for the sale of Ukrspirt, the state liquor monopoly. The plan states that production of alcoholic beverages at government facilities will cease starting in 2018.

Interfax Ukraine reported that the Ukrainian Gaming Industry Association is counting on 2016 passage of a law making the gaming business legal.

Ekonomicheskaya Pravda and others reported that since the beginning of the year, the amount Ukraine pulled in from privatization of state property is less than half of 1 percent of what was planned. The 2016 national budged envisioned 17.1 billion hryvnia ($657 million) in revenue from privatization, but the total collected so far this year stands at 77.8 million hryvnia ($3 million).

Delo reported that Flydubai added three flights on the Kyiv-Dubai route, the second time this year the carrier has added such flights. The airline will now have 17 flights a week from the Ukrainian capital’s Zhulyani International Airport to Dubai. Meanwhile, Interfax Ukraine reported that next year, Yanair will launch once-a-week service between Odessa and Tbilisi.

According to multiple reports, the Ukrainian file hosting service is closing amid a conflict with the government over legislative efforts to combat piracy. The managers of the service are asking users to remove all archived files before Nov. 30. reported the findings of Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer, according to which 56 percent of Ukrainians surveyed consider corruption the country’s main economic problem. That was the fifth-highest percentage among the European and Central Asian countries analyzed. Furthermore, 86 percent of Ukrainians polled said their government is doing a poor job of fighting corruption, the worst result in the 42-country survey.

Ukrinform reported the results of a survey by Ideal City in which Ukrainians were asked to rate the transportation infrastructure in their country’s cities. The highest-rated was Vinnytsia, followed by Lutsk. Kharkiv and Rivne tied for third, and Kyiv, Lviv and Khmelnytsky all shared fourth place.

Ukraine is experiencing a shortage of flu vaccine, and additional supplies are expected at the end of November, Delo reported. Drug distributors say that supplies of the flu vaccine provided by such companies as Sanofi Pasteur and GlaxoSmithKline have not met demand.

The first Ronald McDonald room in a Ukrainian children’s hospital will open next year, Interfax Ukraine reported. The selection of which hospital will get the inaugural room has not been made yet.

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