10:57 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
The new, $120 million two-track tunnel will reduce bottlenecks on the line and allow for 1,000 rail carriages to Europe each day.
Jack Laurenson May 24, 2018
Putin's 19km bridge across the Kerch Strait - now the longest in Europe - is a powerful metaphor for his "reunification" ideology. While it connects Russia to Crimea, it further isolates the Kremlin.
Jack Laurenson May 17, 2018
To increase foreign direct investment through 2018 and beyond, investors and executives gather in Kyiv to network and strategize.
Jack Laurenson May 17, 2018
City authorities paying close attention as some hotels accused of cancelling reservations and increasing room rates to as much as $9,000; meanwhile, Kyiv citizens open their homes to visiting football fans.
Jack Laurenson May 14, 2018
1 million Ukrainian tourists will visit Egypt, one of their country's most important trade partners.
Jack Laurenson May 08, 2018
Confidence in the Ukrainian economy is returning, after a decrease in optimism throughout the winter.
Jack Laurenson May 07, 2018
A large shipment of the bunker-busting missiles have arrived in Ukraine as the U.S. State Department also doubles their financial support for Ukrainian cybersecurity.
Jack Laurenson May 07, 2018
To improve efficiency and transparency, businesses and citizens have more and more online options.
Jack Laurenson Apr 25, 2018
Against the backdrop of conflict in the eastern Donbass region, Ukrainian businesses and organizations step up security as they find themselves on a digital front line.
Jack Laurenson Apr 17, 2018
Lviv's IT sector is growing at an incredible pace. With investment secured, plans to construct a gigantic tech district in the city will soon be realized.
Jack Laurenson Apr 11, 2018
Nestle will invest $27 million to renovate their factory, improve production and increase salaries for workers
Jack Laurenson Apr 10, 2018
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