16:59 PM Wednesday, October 17, 2018
Moody’s upgrade Ukrainian banking; Nibulon secures $80m loan; Naftogaz pays UAH 72 billion in taxes; Household gas price to rise 18%; 12 bid for Lviv recycling plant; Steel, eggs & sugar up, milk & meat down.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 13, 2018
Economic growth looking better; Ukraine overtakes Russia in innovation; PM urges parliament to vote in favour of IMF proposals on anticorruption court; Ukraine and Russia to build new nuclear fuel plant; Export of labour becomes primary source of currency
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 12, 2018
H&M opening in Kyiv; UIA up 12.9%; NBU Inflation outlook; Calls for reform of the Gaming laws; EUR 270 million investment in wind power; Elements of land reform adopted; Russian aggression costs €100 billion.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 11, 2018
Norwegians invest in solar; Inflation falls to under 10%; Boryspil airport busier than ever; Government offers IMF an alternative on gas prices; EU summit recognizes Ukraine’s European aspirations and reform; Government to supports coal mining and agric
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 11, 2018
Raiffeisen Bank Aval projects more stable banking; $1.3 billion invested in green energy; EU-Ukraine summit today; Oil imports down, electricity exports up; Naftogaz’s launches new claim against Gazprom; New air routes approved.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 09, 2018
Corporate Profit tax to be replaced; CEE comparative investment study launched; Ukrtelecom verdicts overturned; Trilateral talks on gas transit confirmed; Rye exports soar; Kharkiv airport breaks record.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 06, 2018
Agro giants expand investment; New commercial vehicle market healthy; Oligarchic wealth diminishing; Timber exploitation restricted; Grain exports and coal production down; Kyiv-Boryspil rail link approved.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 05, 2018
Green tariff revisions to have serious implications; New law to ease lending; Swiss invest in Lviv bank; Supreme Court recognizes ‘Castle Doctrine’; Belgian and Serbian trade to grow; Hryvnia’s strength recognized; IFI investments made more secure.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 04, 2018
Exports to Canada soar; Canadians invest $160m; Kyiv ranked 173rd most expensive capital; EU representative takes stock; Nebulon to invest in Egypt; DTEK buys GE electricity systems; Antonov secure a major transport contract with Siemens.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 03, 2018
Copenhagen Reform Conference a success; Kyivstar launches Smart Money; Vodaphone launches 4G internet; Consumer confidence index rising; Winner Group optimistic; Uber to launch EberEATS.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jul 02, 2018
Trump to meet Putin and seek Crimea “trade-offs”; EU-US discuss Ukrainian energy reform; Balance of payments surplus; National budget deficit rises; Banks profitable; Ukraine a priority partner for Estonia.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 29, 2018
Copenhagen: EU reaffirms its strong support, Groysman proposes high-level reform group; Alstom targets Ukraine; Norway considers energy sector; Rolled steel market expands; Exports to UK increase.
Bohdan Nahajlo Jun 28, 2018
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