0:49 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Farm leaders say: between modern silos and modern ports stands the state rail monopoly
Mark Satter Nov 15, 2017
Business pioneers fill hotels; ideally, tourists will follow
Mark Satter Nov 13, 2017
Business Ombudsman’s report show State Fiscal Service as main source of complaints; Government approves draft of “Business Pressure Relief Law”
Mark Satter Nov 09, 2017
From controlling kids’ cell phone use to spraying pesticides by drone, Ukrainian IT startups to be on display at massive Electronics Show
Mark Satter Nov 02, 2017
Trade with EU jumps 31 percent; Railroad to buy GE locomotives and record number of freight cars; China prepares to increase sunflower and sugar beet imports from Ukraine
Mark Satter Aug 04, 2017
Nibulon builds 10 grain river terminals; Tax collection up 49 percent; ProZorro radically expands listings of tenders and state assets for sale
Mark Satter Aug 03, 2017
Transit of Russian gas hits 6-year high; French company Nexans opens its third and largest car part plant in Lviv; Ukraine sold 108 armored recon cars to UAE last year
Mark Satter Aug 02, 2017
Exports to Germany up 24 percent; Mriya sues for return of land and equipment; leasing of land for solar power plant starts around Charnobyl
Mark Satter Aug 01, 2017
IT festival in Kyiv trains spotlight on Ukraine, a fast growing, little known IT powerhouse
Mark Satter Jul 31, 2017
Free trade with Canada starts tomorrow; Ukr. budget revenues up 46 percent; China invests $50 million Ukraine’s Danube Shipping Co.; ‘Sin taxes’ – on cigarettes and alcohol – go up 11% Jan. 1
Mark Satter Jul 31, 2017
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