0:26 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Uklon taxi’s into Africa; Solar cools; 44 gas fields for sale; Official Apple store opens this weekend; NBU launches Royal Standard investigation; Azur Air leases new Boeing 767-300’s; No media bias, just the wrong messages.
Editor Jul 27, 2018
Ukraine and US join forces against Nord Stream 2; Drought devastates Crimean harvest; 4 major agri businesses change hands; Slovenians build 11mw solar plant in Zhytomyr; Callpage secure $4.5m investment; Stranded passenger sues Wizz Air and wins.
Editor Jul 26, 2018
Ukraine close to finalizing IMF deal; Trade with Israel up over 5%; Tetra Tech win $85m USAID contract; Preply secure $4m in new investment; Electric car sales up7%; Ukraine becomes frozen fruit superpower.
Editor Jul 25, 2018
Hutchinson Ports look to invest in Ukraine; ‘Dear Wind’ airline registered; Honey production dives; Modernization to double agricultural production; Sumitomo opens new plant; Kodisoft to raise up to $18 million.
Editor Jul 24, 2018
US provides additional $200m for security; Tesla Gigafactory unlikely; Additional Russia sanctions over Azov Sea interference; ProZorro to be enhanced with AI; Ukraine NATO aspirations complicated by extensive China links.
Editor Jul 23, 2018
Russia to impose sanctions; Hungary complicates Euro-Atlantic aspirations; Ukraine looks to Canada; Renault developing interest in Ukraine; Authorities to investigate logging.
Editor Jul 20, 2018
Ukraine will be Trumps first casualty; A promising path to reform; Antonov An 178 impresses at Farnborough Air Show: Crimea on the brink; Kyivstar boss resigns; SME’s are the real engine of growth
Editor Jul 19, 2018
Ukraine is the new ‘ground zero’; Difficult gas dilemma for the PM; Beverages back on line; Is Ukraine heading for a debt trap?; Mariupol buys 72 lower-floor trolleybuses; Atlasjet to link Odesa and Istanbul
Editor Jul 18, 2018
Confusion and disappointment after Helsinki summit; EU bans Russian meat and poultry; Dragon Capital acquires Zaporizhia Eco Tower; Klitschko to run again
Editor Jul 17, 2018
SBU thwarts massive cyber attack: Ukraine & France sign new helicopter deal; ICU acquires rail operator; Rada passes ‘foreign vehicle’ law; Ryan Air agrees Boryspol flight schedule.
Editor Jul 16, 2018
Gustave Henman has found Ukraine to be the perfect environment for IT companies. He founded Beetroot, an IT development company with a Swedish signiature.
Editor Dec 14, 2016
40 foreign companies look to invest in the Chernobyl exclusion zone, Ukrainian Sugar exports have tripled over the last year, and 78% of the retail space in Lavina mall has already been leased.
Editor Dec 09, 2016
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