1:07 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
EBRD has given a $10 Million loan to local company, Meest, to help its expansion in Ukraine
Editor Dec 05, 2016
Cashless payments are up in Ukraine, as government looks to back transition to cashless economy.
Editor Dec 01, 2016
Bohdan Kupych, Business Development Vice President of KM Core, envisions a Ukraine where IT and agriculture combine to create a European hub for agricultural technology.
Editor Nov 30, 2016
Ukraine’s IT job market is nearly 4 times as competitive as it was 3 years ago. Last year received more than 4,000 applications for 1,500 jobs
Editor Nov 30, 2016
Ukrainian telecom fraud has prompted the country's main mobile providers to form a united front to help law enforcement agencies fight fraudsters.
Editor Nov 30, 2016
Ukraine has signed a $600 million deal to service Pakistan's tanks and other fighting vehicles, to enhance military-industrial cooperation between the two countries.
Editor Nov 30, 2016
Ukraine continues to make gains toward becoming a European nation despite a two-year war against Russia and a decades-long war against corrupt business and political elites.
Editor Nov 28, 2016
​Skyrocketing demand for smartphones in Ukraine is leading sales growth for the devices in Eastern Europe and changing the way companies do business.
Editor Nov 28, 2016
A company begun by volunteers to support Ukraine’s war effort now is drawing attention in the global defense sector.
Editor Nov 27, 2016
In a sign of Ukraine’s consumer tech industry coming of age, the industry’s premier event in the United States will feature for the first time a “Ukrainian Expo.”
Editor Nov 27, 2016
Station by station, track by track, Kyiv is entering the elite circle of cities in the world with wifi-enabled subways. Kyiv’s system will provide the metro’s 1.5 million daily passengers with free wifi in stations and moving trains.
UBJ Editor Nov 27, 2016
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