0:52 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Station by station, track by track, Kyiv is entering the elite circle of cities in the world with wifi-enabled subways. Kyiv’s system will provide the metro’s 1.5 million daily passengers with free wifi in stations and moving trains.
UBJ Editor Nov 27, 2016
An Indian-American tech entrepreneur who plans to mine minerals on the moon challenged Ukraine workers to think far beyond the Dnieper and Dniester.
UBJ Editor Nov 27, 2016
Ukraine plans to test locally-made military attack drones next year, according to President Petro Poroshenko and state defense giant Ukroboronprom
Editor Nov 27, 2016
KHARKIV – The opening Wednesday of a four-day Iran trade show in Kyiv underlines how Iran and Ukraine, two medium powers on Russia’s southern flank, are rapidly getting to know each other again after the lifting of sanctions earlier this year
Editor Nov 27, 2016
Israel’s tech sector boom is reaching 2,000 kilometers north to Ukraine, where thousands of Ukrainians now work for Israeli IT companies
UBJ Editor Nov 22, 2016
As Ukraine’s IT industry fights its way up the world value food chain, Ciklum LLC is taking the strategy of shifting from order taker to tech partner for US and European companies.
Editor Nov 21, 2016
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