0:40 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Macro economy surprises, then fighting in separatist micro region surprises
Timothy Ash Jan 31, 2017
While Ukraine's politicians fiddle, Poland, Hungary, and now Belarus recruit Ukrainian workers
Jan 31, 2017
In shifting Ukraine from crony capitalism to a Western-standard market economy, independent, qualified board members will be key
Jan 30, 2017
Straight, forward-looking analysis on how Trump Presidency could affect Ukraine and the region
Timothy Ash Jan 27, 2017
Addressing an aging population, Ukraine's new Health Minister cuts corruption in drug procurement and cuts Soviet era practices
Melinda Haring Jan 24, 2017
While Ukraine has the world's richest market delivered on a platter, China invests trillions to get goods to EU
Jan 17, 2017
After a 2016 of doom and gloom across the world, can Ukraine unleash its potential in 2017?
Anders Aslund Jan 10, 2017
One year, 150 meters, 16 new businesses
Jan 09, 2017
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