8:38 AM Thursday, October 19, 2017
With a Putin-Trump summit a distant prospect, is that good or bad for Ukraine?
Timothy Ash Feb 17, 2017
War vets force hand of government that failed to diversify sources of coal away from secessionist areas
Timothy Ash Feb 16, 2017
Russia wants to cut Ukraine out of gas pipeline network -- can Ukraine produce its own gas and import from enough non-Russian gas by 2019?
Feb 15, 2017
Donbas has too many moving parts; Trump touchy about 'soft on Putin' image; EU leaders stand up to Kremlin; Putin pining for one on one summit with Trump; US Congress wants to lock in Ukraine sanctions
Timothy Ash Feb 10, 2017
A Contrarian View: America’s New President will be Hard Nosed with Putin on Ukraine
Feb 08, 2017
Growth shows IMF program working, but government lack of courage threatens new IMF money
Timothy Ash Feb 03, 2017
Investment is the key to Ukraine's development. Government must raise barriers. Companies and international development banks must invest
Anders Aslund Feb 02, 2017
Macro economy surprises, then fighting in separatist micro region surprises
Timothy Ash Jan 31, 2017
While Ukraine's politicians fiddle, Poland, Hungary, and now Belarus recruit Ukrainian workers
Jan 31, 2017
In shifting Ukraine from crony capitalism to a Western-standard market economy, independent, qualified board members will be key
Jan 30, 2017
Straight, forward-looking analysis on how Trump Presidency could affect Ukraine and the region
Timothy Ash Jan 27, 2017
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