16:22 PM Saturday, April 21, 2018
Russia stocks crash; Sanctions law will be foreign investment killer for Russia; For Putin's survival, Kremlin adopts war time austerity economy -- stagnation at best;
Timothy Ash Jun 14, 2017
A farm land market and pensions changes needed for massive financial support to keep flowing
Timothy Ash May 27, 2017
Can Poroshenko and Groysman Land Safely From Their Summer Political High Jumps?
Timothy Ash May 23, 2017
Putin hopes for Yalta II with Trump, Macro Economy Looks Good; Political Summer is a Black Box
Timothy Ash May 20, 2017
Ash critiques NYTimes version of Central Bank decisions taken during Ukraine's emergency conditions of the last three years
Timothy Ash May 13, 2017
Needed: Anti-Corruption Court
Diane Francis May 11, 2017
Criticizes gas reform as halfway and worries that farms land market would concentrate land ownership
Diane Francis May 04, 2017
Dragon Capital CEO is president European Business Association, largest foreign foreign business association in Ukraine
Timothy Ash Apr 26, 2017
Pending presidential nomination and Rada approval, Lavrenchuk would succeed Valeria Gontareva as Governor of the National Bank of Ukraine
Timothy Ash Apr 25, 2017
May could see Ukrainian politics resurface: oligarchs competing for cabinet posts and populists seeking to escape IMF reforms by raising money on bond market
Timothy Ash Apr 21, 2017
Tim Ash: part of wider anti-corruption drive?
Timothy Ash Apr 21, 2017
Ukrgasbank starts to issue interest-free loans for electric car purchase; DTEK buys 600,000 metric tons of coal in South Africa; Ukroboronprom sees net income rise by 31.2% in 2016.
Apr 19, 2017
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