11:19 AM Tuesday, October 16, 2018
Digital grows and TV returns toward pre-crisis levels, while print, outdoor and radio show little growth
Feb 13, 2017
With more foreign players, a trade publication launches
Dec 26, 2016
World literature spotlight focuses on Lviv next September. Hundreds of writers are to gather for the annual congress of PEN International, the association of poets, playwrights and novelists.
Dec 13, 2016
Weekend Feature: The UBJ takes a closer look at Ukraine's film industry
Editor Dec 08, 2016
During the 25 years of independence, Ukraine has been on the crossroads in political and economic development.
UBJ Editor Nov 29, 2016
In the global imagination, Scotland gets tartan and Germany gets beer and pretzels. So why is Ukraine stuck with images of genocide, war, and corruption?
Editor Nov 27, 2016
In a bet on the growing strength of Western Ukraine’s economy, Porsche has opened in Lviv its second largest dealership in the nation.
UBJ Editor Nov 27, 2016
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